Will & Grace is coming back to NBC in Fall 2017. The comedy has been off the air since 2006, and we're so excited to get more of the hilarious antics of Jack McFarland and Karen Walker.

ICYMI, Jack was Will's best friend and a struggling actor, and Karen was Grace's assistant. Ever since they met in the episode "A New Lease on Life," the duo have been the show's main source of comedic relief. Their wacky antics over the course of the sitcom's eight seasons are one of the many reasons why we're hyped for the upcoming revival. We just can't get enough of Jack and Karen!

Will & Grace won't return until the fall, but in the meantime check out our top 5 Jack and Karen moments.

Amanda Velez
Amanda is a Content Producer at Fandom. A product of her environment, she was raised to know both John Wayne and Pedro Infante.