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Will Captain America Die in Civil War and What Happens If He Does?


There have been a lot of rumors already about major character deaths in Captain America: Civil War. Marvel has been talking about it for awhile, but they haven’t really killed anyone important yet other than Quicksilver (and Ant-thony, of course, you were too good for this world my sweet prince). If you’ve read the comics, you know that Civil War traditionally ends with the assassination of Captain America.

Captain America Shot Marvel Civil War

In the comics, he’s gunned down by Crossbones and a brainwashed Sharon Carter, as part of a conspiracy organized by the Red Skull and Doctor Faustus. The full storyline “The Death of Captain America” takes place shortly after the reintroduction of Bucky Barnes, who we last saw recovering from his time as Winter Soldier. Obviously, the movies don’t have to exactly mirror the comics, but we already know that Crossbones is going to be one of tthe major villains.

Death of Captain America Marvel Civil War

We ALSO know that Marvel signs most of its stars up for multi-picture deals, and Chris Evans’ contract is running out. He originally signed on for six movies, and Civil War will be his fifth. Sebastian Stan, who plays Bucky Barnes, already has a contract with Marvel for NINE movies. This heavily implies that Bucky might have a larger role in future films, and if you read the comics you know that…

Bucky Barnes Captain America

Bucky Barnes could very well be the next Captain America. The comics following Civil War saw Bucky pick up the shield to follow in Steve Roger’s footsteps. He lacks the super-soldier serum, but his training as Winter Soldier and his bionic arm make him more than capable. Of course, Bucky as Captain America didn’t last long in the comics… death is fleeting and they had to bring Steve Rogers back within a couple of years. That’s not necessarily true in the movies, though. We always knew that Marvel would have to deal with actors leaving eventually. They’ve already done it once by recasting the Hulk. RDJ is also reportedly getting tired of playing Iron Man. If the rumors about Bucky becoming Cap are true, this could be the start of a huge shift for the MCU.

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Captain America: Civil War

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