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2016 Battle of the Fantasy Foods: Which Food Will Reign Supreme?

Ever wonder what a Meat Mithkabob would taste like? How about a swig of fresh Lon Lon Milk? Now’s your chance to bring your favorite fantasy food to life, because Wikia’s Battle of the Fantasy Foods is back! Each summer, we ask superfans to cast their vote in our Battle of the Fantasy Foods to find out which fictional foods they love the most. This year, we received hundreds of nominations from communities all over Wikia and tallied the top 64 contenders. After six rounds, the four most popular fantasy foods are made into real-life versions and served at our food truck at New York Comic Con.

Is your fandom’s food nominee represented in the bracket tournament below? Now’s your chance to vote! Spread the word with fellow fans, rally your community for support, and may the best fantasy food win!

2016 battle of the fantasy foods blog header

Grab your spork and head over to the Recipes Wiki for more info on the 4th Annual Battle of the Fantasy Foods. 

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Therese Bataclan

Therese is a staff contributor at Fandom. She's a first generation Filipino American with a French name, and eventually wants to live out her days in a Japanese village surrounded by Scottish Folds. To her, the true sign of adulthood is owning a pair of stackable washer / dryer units with the see-through glass, and cannot be held accountable for her actions until then.

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