Why ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Is Better Than ‘The Walking Dead’

Drew Dietsch
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TV Horror The Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead has returned to a warm welcome from the fans. The show has steadily declined in ratings but that hasn’t stopped the fanbase from singing its praises. In fact, there are many fans who feel that Fear the Walking Dead outshines its predecessor in a number of significant ways. Let’s take a look at some of the things fans say makes Fear the Walking Dead an even better show than The Walking Dead.

Looks Better

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A common argument for Fear the Walking Dead is purely visual. Many fans say that Fear the Walking Dead has a stronger look to it. The cinematography and locations often create imagery that feels more cinematic than The Walking Dead. Plus, The Walking Dead has a very drab and unchanging color palette. Fear the Walking Dead can feel vibrant and genuinely beautiful at times. When you’re stuck in a story about the end of humanity, it can be refreshing to see that the world can still look beautiful. Even if things are at their worst.

More Horror

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One of the big complaints about The Walking Dead is how it quickly shifted from being a horror story into a survival drama. The zombies rarely pose any real threat to the characters. Fear the Walking Dead still retains an actual… well, fear of the walking dead. The violence comes more from the horror elements than the actual characters. Not to mention that the zombies are still treated as things to be scared of. If you’re a horror fan, Fear the Walking Dead is a highly superior piece of genre work.

Characters are Less Cartoonish

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Something that upsets people about The Walking Dead is how over-the-top the characters of the show have become. Though Negan, Daryl, and other members of The Walking Dead are beloved by fans, they are also close to being caricatures. Fans have said that Madison, Nick, Alicia, and many other cast members just feel more like real people. The heightened conflict of The Walking Dead and its faction-focused stories don’t quite match up to the more interpersonal elements at play in Fear the Walking Dead. That makes for characters that have a better opportunity to grow and change. Also, there is more ambiguity to the characters. The Walking Dead is littered with clear cut “good” and “evil” people. That’s not the case with Fear the Walking Dead. And that helps them to be even more believable.

Not Predictable

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There has also been a shadow of predictability cast over The Walking Dead of late. The show has lost a lot of its surprise factor. Granted, some of that has to do with its source material. Since The Walking Dead is based on a comic, fans are ready to expect certain story beats and moments. Fear the Walking Dead doesn’t have that problem. It can still craft shocking moments because nobody knows what’s coming. That goes a long way for a lot of fans. The element of surprise is a vital one in storytelling. The Walking Dead can often be a little too easy to figure out. Fear the Walking Dead keeps viewers on their toes.

Regardless of which show you feel is better, they both offer a different look at a world gone to pot. But for some fans, Fear the Walking Dead is the greater of the two.

Drew Dietsch
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