WATCH: Who’s the Smartest ‘Star Wars’ Fan in the World?

With today’s home entertainment release of The Force Awakens, you could be watching the film for the 10th time and feeling pretty good about your Star Wars commitment. You may even consider yourself a well-versed scholar in all things Canon and Legends. But our Star Wars Qwizards World Championship contestants are here to put you on notice.

Following a series of regional qualifying rounds, three Star Wars superfans earned their spot in our global battle for ultimate trivia supremacy. It’s U.S. vs. UK vs. Japan as “JSarek,” “Cavalier One,” and “Takashi” put their “Star Wits” to the test to see who’s the most knowledgable fan in the world.

Do you know the name of Kylo Ren’s ship? What corporation manufactured the Quadjumper that Rey and Finn almost take in The Force Awakens? Watch and see how your Star Wars knowledge stacks up…

Congrats to our Star Wars Qwizards World Champion! And thanks to all of our contestants for playing.

Want to see more? Check out our previous Star Wars Qwizards episodes.


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