Who Is Domino to Deadpool?

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We’ve just gotten our first look at Domino in the Deadpool sequel and actress Zazie Beetz looks great in the role. But, there are some fans who have been left scratching their heads. Who is Domino? What’s her relationship to Deadpool? Why should we be excited about her inclusion in the new film?

Powers and Abilities

domino powers

Domino was created from a top secret government breeding experiment that was hoping to create a perfect weaponized soldier. When will the government learn that those experiments never seem to work out in their favor? Well, Domino developed a unique power: probability manipulation. Basically, she’s supernaturally lucky. She subconsciously creates a “probability field” that affects anyone in her line of sight. As long as she acts on the odds, her power will help her out. It’s a power that practically ensures her safety and makes her a formidable foe in battle.

Not to mention that she also has enhanced agility, reflexes, a comprehensive knowledge of martial arts, and is an expert marksman. Suffice to say, Domino is plenty deadly when she wants to be. But, what about her history?

X-Force and Cable

domino cable

Domino has been an integral member of X-Force since the team’s inception. She met team leader Cable while they were a part of the mercenary band Six Pack. When Cable formed the elite strike team known as X-Force, Domino joined up. Her relationship with Cable became intimate at times, but the two have always remained friends through all their adventures.

It’s this connection that gives us our best insight into how Deadpool and Domino will cross paths in the new film.


Deadpool and Domino’s relationship in the comics has always been contentious, but Deadpool seems to harbor some romantic (or at least lustful) feelings towards Domino. If Deadpool 2 is going to introduce us to Cable and X-Force, could Domino’s inclusion in the team mean the start of a love triangle between the Merc with a Mouth, Domino, and Vanessa? Or will Domino only have eyes for Cable?

Clearly, she’s going to be a strong foil to Deadpool. If you’ve seen Zazie Beetz in Atlanta, you know she can go toe-to-toe with anyone she shares the screen with. It’s no question that she’ll be trading barbs with Wade Wilson and will undoubtedly put him in his place more than once.

Domino is a wild and crazy character that will fit perfectly in the world that Deadpool created. Get excited to see her on the big screen when Deadpool 2 hits theaters in 2018.

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