QUIZ: How Did These ‘The Walking Dead’ Characters Die?

TV The Walking Dead
TV The Walking Dead

It’s no surprise that there’s a fairly high kill count on The Walking Dead. New characters or original fan favorites (RIP Glenn), the series has proven that no one is safe. As we head into the second half of Season 8, it’s impossible to predict who will make it out alive.

With a constant threat at the remaining survivors’ doorstep and a revolving door of characters to care about who will only break your heart when they go and die on us, there’s a long list of dearly departed on the show. But how well do you remember the final swan song of these characters that met their end at the hands (or teeth) of walkers or other fellow survivors?

*Note: the questions in this quiz relate to the TV series only, not the comics. Also, “death” is considered once the living character passes, not when they reanimate and become undead.

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