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This year, and particularly the fall, has been a very busy one for shooters. There’s been hit after hit, along with a few bombs, among the class 2016 FPS titles. But of all the first-person shooters, which one is really right for you? If you’re having a hard time choosing between the many great 2016 FPSes, Fandom is here to help you choose. Only, picking the right one depends on what type of player you are. Take a look.

For Those Looking For a Refined Future: Titanfall 2

After the original skipped the PlayStation 4, the futuristic warfare series has come to all the current gen systems with Titanfall 2. Now that it’s here, it’s easy to tell that this sequel is the complete package people wanted but didn’t entirely get from the first game. Namely, a dedicated single player mode, and an exciting campaign at that. The solo sections also work as a fantastic introduction to the deep multiplayer and its multilayered battles. Titanfall 2 finally delivers on the potential that everyone expected from the franchise that’s the next step for the creators of Call of Duty. Based on how much the newest Call of Duty is emulating Titanfall, they clearly pushed the genre forward. So, why not play best version of that right now?

For Fans Who Want Too Much: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

The Call of Duty series has been the top-selling FPS series for years now, and for good reason. For $60 you end up with a massive set of online maps, customizable gameplay, and a campaign that’s the equivalent of a Michael Bay film. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare comes with so much in its standard package that you’ll have a lot to choose from. You’ll get a space battle of killer robots, you’ll get the twitchy online action that made CoD famous, and you get a surprisingly deep, ’80s-inspired Zombies mode. And you’ll get a remastered version of the original Modern Warfare. That’s quite a lot of bang for your buck.

For Fans of Class-Based Shooters That Cut The Fat: Overwatch

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Overwatch‘s greatest strength lies in just how much content it gives the player up front. You won’t have to play for hours to unlock basic weapons, characters and abilities: Blizzard makes everything but skins available from the outset. This approach works in Overwatch‘s favor since it amounts to a game that emphasizes experimentation. Staring down the barrel of 23 distinct characters may feel intimidating at first, but each one offers just enough complexity without being too complex. And even if you don’t consider yourself skilled at competitive FPSes, Overwatch does a fine job at encouraging the player rather than demoralizing them. All your efforts are team-based, and Blizzard hides the kill/death ratio entirely. All these features add up to a fantastic, robust competitive FPS that’s approachable for newbies, and deep enough to hold the attention of online gaming veterans. Plus, it’s incredibly popular, meaning you won’t have to wait more than 30 seconds to jump right into a match. [Bob Mackey]

For Fans of Huge Multiplayer Battles, Vehicles, and Horses: Battlefield 1

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For the past several years, the Battlefield series has played second fiddle to its biggest rival, Call of Duty. This year, the two games took decidedly different paths. While Call of Duty took a futuristic sci-fi approach and went to space, Battlefield kept its boots firmly on the ground and went back in time to World War I, the Great War. The move paid off, and Battlefield 1 is the best game in the series in years. The campaign is thrilling and tense and could be the best Battlefield single-player campaign of all time. But the multiplayer is really where it’s at, and luckily, that has always been a strong suit of the series. If you subscribe to the adage “the more the merrier,” Battlefield’s style of multiplayer is just what you’re looking for, featuring enormous battles with up to 64 players. You can choose to stick to the trenches and go it on foot, or pilot a wide variety of vehicles, including tanks, biplanes, and airships. You can even charge into battle on horseback, Lawrence of Arabia style. [Matthew Allen]

For Thinkers Who Like Playing Solo: Dishonored 2

To put things simply, Dishonored 2 isn’t for everyone. If you’re looking for a Call of Duty experience that feels like a mix between a Disneyland ride and a shooting gallery, you might want to look elsewhere. But if you prefer to meticulously explore huge, rich worlds, and overtake enemies by subterfuge rather than brute strength, Dishonored 2 could be the game for you. Essentially, each Dishonored 2 mission gives you the goal to eliminate one target hidden away in a huge environment. From there, reaching this target falls entirely on your shoulders. Dishonored 2 provides plenty of supernatural abilities to help you achieve your goals, but really, a sharp mind makes for your most useful asset. If sitting down with and really digging into a game sounds appealing to you, consider giving Dishonored 2 a try. [Bob Mackey]

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