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And the votes are in. This year has definitely been a big one for the Arrowverse. Arrow shot magic into the limelight, The Flash brought the multiverse into the running and Legends of Tomorrow took their time before teasing in Rex Tyler and the JSA. With Supergirl joining the CW and Golden Age heroes springing from the woodworks, what could the genii at CW be planning?

A Crisis Event?


I’ve already written a piece about CW potentially pulling off a Crisis but with Supergirl joining the crew, Rex Tyler crashing his Waverider to warn the Legends and a multi-hero event planned for December, it’s looking more likely than ever. Zero Hour and Crisis on Infinite Earths. Both seem possible, even probable, with the crew that the CW has put together. Given a single week of broadcasting, shared across four shows, we have ourselves a nice little omnibus all about a single event.

More Iconic Villains?

The Secret Society of Super Villains

Oliver Queen had few long-term enemies but the CW has done a wonderful job of recreating other DC foes to fit the bill. Most notably, Slade Wilson and Damian Darhk. With dozens more still to pick from, who wouldn’t love to see an evil Jericho body-jumping from person to person?

Legends of Tomorrow has their pick of just about anyone to have ever messed about in time. Vandal Savage is finally dead but he had children along the way and let’s not forget the Time Masters. The Oculus may be gone but they still have plenty of history to draw from.

Flash may have beaten both evil speedsters but we have a loophole from the first season where Eddie was sucked into the wormhole. It might be a stretch but he could be brought back with speed powers, enraged at everyone moving on without him. Then again, who remember Edward Clariss? The first ever Reverse-Flash, Clariss went under the title of Rival and faced off against Jay Garrick using a Velocity formula. Maybe a new Earth-2 Reverse-Flash is on the way.



Soaring onto the scene at the CW, we left Supergirl on a cliff-hanger after a new Kryptonian pod crashed to Earth. Where will she go from there? Technically an agent at the D.E.O., Kara Zor-El is joined by her adoptive sister, friends from work and the Martian Manhunter – J’onn J’onzz. Sometimes with them and sometimes against them is Maxwell Lord and General Lane, fearful of what aliens could do unchecked. Although she was only recently acquired by the CW, she has been an honorary member of the Arrowverse since the Flash/Supergirl crossover episode World’s Finest.

Another Constantine Cameo?

Promotional image for the Constantine TV series
Promotional image for the short-lived Constantine TV series

Something I was sad to see go so quickly, the brilliantly performed Constantine. Whilst I understand the tight budget constraints that the shows work under, there have been a couple of brief moments (only a couple, mind) where the Flash CGI could have been a bit better. Constantine kept the SFX to a slightly lower rate but always pulled it off in spectacular fashion. Following the cancellation, Johnny-boy had a brief appearance in Arrow where he helped Oliver find a magic scepter and freed Sara’s captive soul from the effects of the Lazarus Pit. Although he disappeared shortly after, he warned Oliver to be careful of Damien Darhk and, on Lian Yu, granted him some runes to protect him from a hidden magic. There have been several mentions in Arrow about Constantine but the CW has made no move to take on the extra show. Yet. Despite this, Constantine has been heavily hinted (practically confirmed levels of winking) to have a cameo or even a brief stint in Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 alongside Jonah Hex. Considering how much magic is being thrown around in the Arrowverse, could a certain golden helmet be making an appearance?

Arrow’s Last Shot?

Oliver Queen of 2046

One of the key and genius parts of Arrow is the dual storytelling it has. What happened five relative years ago almost always ties directly into what is happening now. The marginal exception to this is the first seasonMalcolm Merlyn plans to destroy the Glades and Island Oliver fights a band of mercenaries with only his father’s notebook to tie it in. But Oliver was only MIA for five years. With four now passed since his rescue, we may be looking at the end of the show that kickstarted the aptly named Arrowverse. The end… or a new beginning?

Multiple Earths

The Multiverse seen through the Speed Force

Supergirl has her own distinct and separate Earth. So do Harry Wells and his daughter. And the real Jay Garrick. So that’s four confirmed distinct and separate Earths. But Zoom has mentioned travelling to others yet undiscovered and Crisis on Infinite Earths only had five. If that doesn’t spell potential, then I seriously need to start taking evening classes. With all of time and reality open to Barry Allen, we could see John Fox of the 27th century or different Earths where other speedsters race. Maybe bring across Quicksilver or Johnny Quick, introduce Savitar or see the Soviet Trinity speedsters.


flash multiverse

If you haven’t heard of Flashpoint you should stop reading and leave. Just go. Don’t come back until you’ve read it.

Flashpoint began with Barry Allen waking up in a drastically altered world. Superman doesn’t exist, Aquaman and Wonder Woman are at war and the Flash never started running. It turns out that this crooked new world is Barry’s fault. He travelled back in time to save his mother and the butterfly effect prevented him from becoming the Flash. Eobard Thawne likened it to breaking the sound barrier. When Barry changed his own past, he caused a ripple effect that changed dozens of others along with his own. Season 2 ended with Flash running back and stopping CW Eobard Thawne from killing his mother. This could be the start of something amazing or nothing at all. Remember, Thawne said that he tried to prevent the birth of the Flash by killing his mother at a young age. In the first, original, unsullied timeline, Barry grew up with both parents and married Iris. But then why (in Fast Enough) did Future Barry stop the then Present Barry from saving his mother?

Traditionally, the Flash has premiered on the first Tuesday of October so this year would be 4th October. The suspense is killing me.

Where We Stand

Arrow has ended with a sad finale as Oliver is seemingly alone again with maybe Felicity to help him. Flash has bravely stepped out onto the tightrope of amazing innovation with the pit of eternal disappointment just below. Legends of Tomorrow was horrifically monotonous for fifteen episodes but that last episode was the saving grace. Supergirl will probably be much the same as it was before and CW has a good baseline to continue from.

With Hunter Zolomon last seen being made the Black Flash and Barry resetting time, The Flash has plenty to work with. Rip Hunter and his Legends will soon be facing a yet unknown enemy possibly with or against the JSA. Oliver was practically abandoned but is now the Mayor of Star City and the flashbacks still have yet to explore his history with the Bratva and carry out the promise he made to Taiana.

Graham Host is a member of the Fan Contributor program. In his spare time, he enjoys the works of Terry Pratchett, DC Comics and a wide assortment of video games. Under no circumstances should he be fed after midnight.
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