What to Watch When ‘Orphan Black’ Is Done

Drew Dietsch

Orphan Black might be ending but that doesn’t mean there aren’t more shows out there for you discover. The story of the clones kept fans captivated for five seasons. Let’s take a look at some other sci-fi shows that you can spend your time with now that Orphan Black has come to a close.


This HBO series is easily the best science fiction show out there today. The story of a western themed wonderland filled with synthetic humans offers up a lot to draw you in. Like Orphan Black, there are plenty of mysteries to unravel and an attention to detail that fans will eat up. The production value of the show is jaw-dropping. You can tell that the creators take this show very, very seriously. When it comes to excellent sci-fi television, Westworld is the current gold standard.

Black Mirror

Orphan Black was a show that dealt with some pretty heady ideas at times. No other show is doing that as well as Black Mirror. The anthology series never shies away from plumbing the darker side of modern technology. If you need to see what the near future might look like, this is the show for you.


The clones share a unique bond in Orphan Black, but not quite as bizarre as the main characters in Sense8. The Wachowskis story about a group of people who are supernaturally connected is another interesting look at our own human experience and how we are all connected. It may have been given the ax over at Netflix, but it’s still worth checking out.


An ensemble cast in a modern sci-fi world is part of Orphan Black‘s charm. If you need more of that in your TV diet, give Humans a watch. The show posits the idea that people could own synthetic humans as companions. It doesn’t all work out as planned though. This is another cool look at a future we might have coming.

The Outer Limits

How about a retro pick to close this list out? You can’t go wrong with the classic 1963 series, but you might be more interested in the 1995 reboot. It ran for seven seasons and runs the gamut for sci-fi craziness. There are even a few episodes which deal directly with the idea of cloning, but there is plenty to enjoy for any fan of science fiction. If you need a huge show to binge, this is one that will whet your appetite.

Drew Dietsch
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