What ‘Teen Wolf’ Needs to Do in Its Final Season

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As you may know, Teen Wolf is, unfortunately, ending after season six. Following the whirlwind that was the season five finale, what exactly does Teen Wolf need to do in its final season?

Bring Back Isaac and Derek 

Derek Hale and Isaac Lahey

After Allison’s death and the Nogitsune‘s defeat at the end of season three, Isaac Lahey and Chris Argent left Beacon Hills. When Chris returned, Isaac wasn’t with him and there was no explanation why. Fans deserve an answer as to where he’s been these past few years. Isaac would add a new dynamic to the show if he came back now. It would also be interesting to see how he would fit in with the new pack and how he would react to Theo.

The show has never really explained where Derek went. It’s assumed that he went with Braeden to find the Desert Wolf. When Braeden returned, we thought that Derek might be close behind, but he never showed up. With Peter coming back for season six, it would be perfect timing for Derek to return and explore that family dynamic again, especially after Peter betrayed Derek and the McCall pack at the end of season four.

They are bringing Theo and Peter back, so why not two of our favorite werewolves?

Have the Right Ending

Teen Wolf

This is so important. They need to have the right ending; it’s something that the show deserves. If they don’t end it right, Teen Wolf will just be a huge flop. It is a lot of pressure on the writers, especially with the show ending on its 100th episode, but the fans deserve a good ending. Whether the ending is happy or sad, it has to hit the viewers in the right way so it can go out with a bang. Sure, they’re not going to please everyone, but as long as the writers and producers think it’s the right way to end the show, then we are bound to get an epic finale.

Let Scott Be Single

teen wolf scott and kira in bed

Over the past five seasons, all we have seen is Scott being in a relationship, and it’s getting boring. It’s about time we see him single. Yes, we all loved Kira, and she will be missed, but it is time for Scott to be single. We need to see Scott be independent and do things for himself and not a girl. If they go down this path, it will be amazing to see. It’s time to explore Scott’s independent side and his relationships with all of the other characters in more depth.

Give Us More Void Stiles

Teen wolf

Everyone loves Void Stiles. With the story focusing on Stiles and him being wiped from existence this season, it’s the perfect opportunity to bring him back. Jeff Davis has already said that there is still a bit of the darkness in Stiles, so there is a possibility that Void Stiles could return. If Void Stiles did make a comeback, it would be very interesting, especially when his friends and family remember him. However, if they do bring back Void Stiles, it has to be at the right time. They can’t just put it in there because the fans want it, they have to include it because it’s what’s right for the show.

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