What Is ‘Jack Goes Home’?

Andrew Hawkins

Twisted nightmare visions. Mysterious messages from beyond the grave. Malicious mothers throwing fathers through windows. Jack Goes Home has a lot of weird stuff going on.

Rory Culkin can lead a movie. So far the actor has appeared in plenty of films over the last 20 plus years, but he hasn’t gotten nearly the recognition he deserves. Earlier this year he co-starred in the dark home invasion thriller Intruders, and now he is front and center in Jack Goes Home. So far, it may just be the most diverse and challenging role of his career.

Jack Goes Home is a film about a young man who returns to his roots after his father dies in a horrible car accident. Jack is a troubled character with a sharp, cynical wit and a tortured soul. He clashes with his mother repeatedly and has painful exchanges with friends and his pregnant fiancé each time he is forced to interact. Jack also suffers from bouts of unnerving sleepwalking episodes that disturb those around him. He is not pleasant and definitely not meant to be likable.

I found this one to be difficult to watch but certainly captivating. The premise is interesting and many elements of the movie verge on psychological horror and thriller territory. Culkin plays Jack as a spiteful and mean-spirited towards others, but there are plenty of scenes that juxtapose that when he shows care and concern for those he loves. The plot verges into supernatural territory when Jack discovers that his father left him messages to be found once he grew up.

Jack returns to his parent’s house after living and working in Los Angeles to find his old home broken. His dad is dead after being nearly decapitated in an auto wreck, and the way he deals with the news is bizarre. His mother reacts violently when he addresses that she doesn’t seem to be affected by the loss, and soon his world begins to unravel as secrets are revealed. It’s not clear exactly who is really alive and if he is even himself by the end of his journey to find answers.

Is it worth seeing?

This movie works well within the mystery and horror genre. It’s a dark tale of unraveling plotlines that surround a troubled youth raised in an abusive environment. Rory Culkin holds his own leading the film and the supporting cast does great work as well. Genre favorite Lin Shaye elevates the picture by bringing a sense of real hurt and mania to the role of Jacks mother, and her scenes are explosive and unpredictable. This is one worth checking out.

Jack Goes Home is currently playing in select theaters and available on VOD.

Andrew Hawkins
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