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‘Westworld’ Looks Amazing in New HBO Photos

HBO just released new promotional photos for their upcoming original series, Westworld. The network released a creepy teaser trailer back in June, followed by another trailer that aired before HBO original series Vice Principals. These new pictures just give another tiny taste of what’s to come in the series, which so far looks incredible.

A Glimpse of Westworld

All aboard the hype train!

Westworld is based on the 1973 Michael Crichton film of the same name. Showrunners Jonathan and Lisa Joy Nolan are adapting it for television. Jonathon wrote the screenplays for The Dark Knight Returns, Mementoand Interstellar. Lisa Joy previously worked on USA’s Burn Notice as a producer. The Nolans will write the series, with Jonathan Nolan taking directorial duties as well. They will also produce, along with Star Wars: The Force Awakens director J.J.Abrams.


The new photos provide a closer look at many of the shows’ central characters, including the outlaw Armistice, portrayed by Ingrid Bolso Berdal. The extent of Armistice’s scars (if that’s what they are) haven’t been revealed until now, and the makeup looks great. It’s likely that the bandit isn’t human, as many of the show’s characters are androids with implanted memories.

Just a cowboy, a robot, and some horses.

Another of the android characters is Dolores Abernathy, played by True Blood alum Evan Rachel Wood. Abernathy features heavily in the teaser trailers. She appears to be an android who believes she is a simple human farmgirl, but she discovers that there is something wicked going on. She also meets a new arrival to Westworld, Teddy Wood. Wood is portrayed by X-Men star James Marsden.


This saloon scene makes me wonder if the robots drink booze…

The series will also star Ben Barnes (The Chronicles of Narnia), Ed Harris (The Rock), Thandie Newton (The Chronicles of Riddick), and Anthony Hopkins (The Silence of the Lambs). The pilot episode, “The Original,” will air on October 2 on HBO, HBOGo, and HBONow. The rest of the promotional gallery can be viewed on HBO’s Medium site.

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