‘Westworld’ and ‘City Slickers’ Collide in a Hilarious Video

Nick Nunziata
TV Movies
TV Movies

Westworld is likely still on our minds after an astonishing finale in December. City Slickers, not as much. That’s why there’s something terribly satisfying about the way Funny or Die has married the two Western concepts in a hilarious video.

The video takes a few of the core concepts from both properties and marries them very well. For those not familiar, City Slickers is a ‘90s Western buddy comedy starring Billy Crystal and Daniel Stern who play middle-aged guys trying their hand at herding cattle. The first one was a huge hit and finally earned legendary character actor Jack Palance an Oscar. The themes revolved around friendship, managing one’s relationships, and the rigors of a midlife crisis. Westworld‘s sterile world of synthetic cowboys and the men who tweak them behind the scenes adds a nice facet to City Slickers. Have a look:

A Crazy Pairing

Aside from the jokes on the surface, there’s a lot to love. The jab at the “other Hemsworth brother” is perfect. Stern and Crystal do a great job reprising characters 20 years past their sell date. The recreation of Westworld is uncanny as well as the repurposed footage from the show. Getting the actual performers helps as well. Billy Crystal even tweeted about the City Slickers reunion.

This is the kind of parody that rises above the rest. In addition to great writing and everyone not phoning it in, it sticks to its concept from beginning to end.


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