Why We’ll Miss ‘Marvel’s Agent Carter’

TV Marvel
TV Marvel

Say it isn’t so! There’s are reports that Marvel’s Agent Carter might not be renewed for a third season. I refuse to believe that ABC would take the show off the air before resolving the Season 2 cliffhanger, but rumors say otherwise. I have to know who killed Agent Thompson! And what’s in the damn file?

ICYMI, the show is set four years after the disappearance of Captain America and finds Peggy Carter still working for the SSR while moonlighting for Howard Stark on the side. It was put into production after the success of the 15-minute short included in the Iron Man 3 DVD extras, and gained popularity because of its strong female protagonist and feminist storytelling.

I hate that it may be cancelled, especially with so much more of Peggy’s story left to tell. Here are the reasons why we’ll miss Marvel’s Agent Carter (and why you should watch it if you haven’t already):

Peggy Can Totally Kick Your Ass


It’s refreshing to see a female character that’s not a damsel in distress.

She Has a Great Sense of Style


We are envious of her pencil skirts and tight bodices.

The Friendship Between Peggy and Jarvis


Platonic relationships are rare and it’s nice to know that romance won’t ruin this one.

The Lighthearted Comic Relief


The only kind you’ll find in Marvel movies and tv shows.

MCU Cameos and Easter Eggs

howling commandos

Always nice to see familiar faces from other parts of the Marvel universe like, say, the Howling Commandos.

There’s still a glimmer of hope that Agent Carter will be renewed, though it’s looking less and less likely since Haley Atwell’s new pilot, Conviction, has been picked up by ABC. Maybe Peggy could show up elsewhere. The Marvel Cinematic Universe doesn’t have time travel… YET.

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