Weekend Preview for August 5

Drew Dietsch
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Your weekend time is valuable and at the end of a long week, the discretionary time must be spent to its maximum value. In order to help narrow choices down on the film, television, and gaming fronts, every Friday the Weekend Preview gives you the rundown of your options and an educated guess as to which ones make the most sense.

Nick Nunziata and I predicted the box office returns for these films last Sunday.

At the Movies

Suicide Squad

Director: David Ayer
Stars: Will Smith, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie
Current RT Meter: 27% Fresh
My box office prediction last Sunday:
Nick’s box office prediction: $115,000,000

One of the most highly anticipated films of 2016 is finally here. Despite a critical shellacking, it’s impossible to deny the excitement about this one. With projections as high as $140+ million for the weekend, it’s fair to say that everyone is going to see this one. Will it be the magic wand that saves the DCEU? Probably not, but it doesn’t have to be. As long as it’s a fun ride, that’s all that matters.

The Verdict: You’ve already bought your tickets, haven’t you?

Nine Lives

Director: Barry Sonnenfeld
Stars: Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Garner, Robbie Amell
Current RT Meter: N/A
My box office prediction last Sunday:
Nick’s box office prediction: $12,000,000

If you’re taking your kid out to the theater this weekend, this looks like one of the only options available to you. Don’t. Please, don’t. This is offensively stupid material that could possibly damage a young mind. How are we even allowing movies like this to still happen? Does the world want more Baby Geniuses and Beverly Hills Chihuahua films?

The Verdict: Don’t let your love of ironic viewing overcome you. Avoid this at all costs.

On the Tube

2016 Rio Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

Besides the above trailer, there doesn’t seem to be much exciting about this year’s Olympics. The controversies about the locale have become the focal point of conversation. That doesn’t bode well for the actual games. Still, the opening ceremonies are always a spectacle to behold. This will probably be some decent eye candy.

The Verdict: If you’re wearing a hazmat suit, this should be enjoyable.

The Little Prince

The classic children’s story comes to life. Blending CGI and stop-motion, this looks like a gorgeous and uplifting experience for children of all ages. It’s finally hitting US shores on Netflix and it couldn’t have come any sooner. This simple and whimsical tale should be a great choice for family viewing this weekend.

The Verdict: Forget Nine Lives. This is the flick your kids should be watching.

For the Gamers

Batman: The Telltale Series

Full disclosure: Fandom has a sponsored content deal going with Batman: The Telltale Series.

Telltale Games have a great track record with their interactive story series. Now, they’ve added Batman to their growing list of properties. It’s often tough to judge these games since they are released in an episodic fashion. Episode 1 might be a little unengaging, but who knows how that will play out by the end? It’s often better to wait until the entire season has been released, but if you just need more Batman in your life, this is a good option.

The Verdict: Do you like Telltale’s “choose your own adventure” games? Do you like Batman? This will make you happy.

See you next weekend!

Drew Dietsch
Drew Dietsch is an Entertainment Editor at FANDOM. He hosts a weekly film review podcast at his site GenreVision.com, as well as the shark movies podcast Fin Flicks. If you need someone to talk about Jaws, RoboCop, horror movies, or why Batman Forever is highly underrated, Drew is your guy.
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