Your Weekend Belongs to Zelda, ‘Logan’, and Jack the Ripper

Brandon Marcus
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Your weekend time is valuable and at the end of a long week, your discretionary time must be spent to its maximum value. To help narrow down your choices on the film, television, and gaming fronts, every Friday, we give you the rundown of your options and an educated guess as to which ones make the most sense. You can thank us later.

Drew predicted the box office returns for these films last Sunday. Check it out!

At the Movies


Director: James Mangold
Stars: Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Dafne Keen, Boyd Holbrook
Current RT Meter: 93% Fresh
Drew’s box office prediction: $70,000,000

HOT PICK! On the heels of the Oscars comes one of the most critically acclaimed superhero films ever. Logan is yet another X-Men movie, but critics are saying it’s markedly different and better than what came before. This isn’t a film about Wolverine. Instead, it’s about Logan, the man behind the legendary claws and short temper. Accompanied by Professor X and a young girl who possesses enormous power, Logan takes a long and dangerous trip that’ll change him forever. From the first trailer to the spot-on casting (Stephen Merchant alert!) to the critical raves, this is something you should be interested in. Take a ride with Wolverine one last time.

Behold Drew’s review in which he says only a soulless person wouldn’t like the movie! You don’t want to be soulless, do you?

The Verdict: Even if you’re not a superhero fan, Logan seems like it’ll contain enough emotions and story to leave you riveted. This is the epitome of must-see, but I’m sure I didn’t have to tell you that.

The Shack

Director: Stuart Hazeldine
Stars: Sam Worthington, Octavia Spencer, Aviv Alush, Radha Mitchell
Current RT Meter: 15% Rotten
Drew’s box office prediction: $9,000,000

A few weeks ago I said that someday a Christian-themed film would be a huge hit at the box office. If any movie can do it, it should be The Shack. Based on the best-selling novel, the film is about a father who takes a spiritual journey after the devastating loss of his daughter. Unlike many religious films, this one has an impressive cast (including Oscar winner Octavia Spencer) and a sizable budget. However, it doesn’t seem like it’ll have enough crossover appeal. The reviews and lack of advertising suggest this won’t be the one to find mainstream success.

The Verdict: If you’re religious or just looking for something that’ll make you sob like a baby, The Shack is for you. Anyone else should take a pass.

Before I Fall

Director: Ry Russo-Young
Stars: Zoey Deutch, Halston Sage, Kian Lawley
Current RT Meter: 74% Fresh
Drew’s box office prediction: $5,000,000

Based on the popular YA book, Before I Fall is a bit like Groundhog Daybut with more scares and tension. A young girl is forced to live the same day over and over again until she can get it right. This is the sort of stuff that teen viewers on a date will love. There will be thrills, mystery, and likely some romance. Plus it stars fabulous up-and-comer, Zoey Deutch. It’s garnering strong reviews and comes at that time of year when young audiences are wanting movies aimed at them. Perhaps Before I Fall will surprise this weekend.

The Verdict: Are you a high schooler looking for something to watch with your friends this weekend? Maybe you’re the chaperone? Enjoy!

On the Tube

Time After Time (ABC. Sunday, 9PM)

Time After Time might look stupid, but that’s just because… well, it kind of is. Based on the novel, Time after Time finds Jack the Ripper and H.G. Wells transported to present day. You can bet that won’t go well for the rest of us. It’s a silly concept for sure but, hey, it’s better than yet another boring cop drama. Sometimes silly can be fun!

The Verdict: This has the potential to be a guilty pleasure or even just straight-up good. It’s worth a spot on your DVR, at least for the pilot.

Making History (Fox. Sunday, 8:30PM)

HOT PICK! Adam Pally is a reliable and super funny performer. Executive Producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller are comedy superstars and worth your devotion. Therefore, you definitely need to watch Making History. The show is about a clumsy slacker who travels through time (that seems popular this week) and consistently screws things up. The promos for this make it look fun and different and full of an energy on par with The Last Man on EarthIf you’re a fan of any of the people above, you owe it to yourself to give it a shot.

The Verdict: Good, original network comedies are always a cause for celebration. Let’s give Making History a chance and hope, hope, hope it’s great.

For the Gamers

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Nintendo Switch/Wii U. Available March 3)

HOT PICK! It’s. Finally. Here.

Not only does the Nintendo Switch hit stores on Friday but so does The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildIt’s rare that a game is this anticipated. It’s even rarer that a game is this well-received. The reviews (including ours) are absolutely ecstatic. People aren’t only calling this the best Zelda game ever; some are calling it the best game ever. Wow.

A lot is riding on Breath of the Wild. Not only is it pretty much the only major release on the Switch for some time, but it’s taking the series in a brand new direction. It seems we finally have the truly open-world and expansive Zelda game we’ve been waiting for. This will be a watershed moment for the franchise and maybe gaming in general.

The Verdict: Like I said, this game sounds rare. If you have the ability to play it, whether on your brand new Switch or on your aging Wii U, you should. No, you need to. 

Horizon: Zero Dawn (Playstation 4. Available now)

Here comes a Playstation 4 exclusive that will make Xbox fans downright envious. Horizon: Zero Dawn puts you in a post-apocalyptic open world full of massive, beautiful, and dangerous robotic beasts that roam the countryside. It’s a future that feels somewhat familiar and also incredibly alien. You play as Aloy, a heroine in search of answers. The gameplay looks like a wonderful mix of Metal Gear Solid, the Batman Arkham adventuresand The WitcherSimply put, it looks really special. Reviews (including our own!) have been raving. So don’t worry if you don’t have a Switch and Zelda yet, you’ve got plenty to keep you busy right here.

The Verdict: If you love open world games like I do, you should pick up Horizon: Zero Dawn. Get your revenge on some killer robots.

Have a great weekend, folks! See you next time!

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