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The Week in Fandom for September 9

The Week in Fandom returns to update you on the hottest news in games, movies, and TV. For the week ending Sept. 9, we celebrate the Star Trek 50th anniversary, Sony makes waves with two major console announcements, Nintendo announces that their biggest star is coming to mobile in Super Mario Run, and EA finally shows off a significant chunk of Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay footage that includes some major reveals about the new Andromeda heroes.

Celebrating 50 Years of Star Trek

It was 50 years ago this week that the first episode of Star Trek hit the airwaves and kicked off one of the largest fandoms the world has ever seen. We pay tribute to the venerable franchise that boldly went where sci-fi had never gone before, with a look at what fans think makes Star Trek so special, why more fans should be like Trekkies/Trekkers, how Star Trek created the Happy Meal, some of the weirdest plot points in the franchise’s long history, and more.

Celebrating 50 Years of ‘Star Trek’

Sony Confirms Long-Rumored PlayStation 4 Pro and Slim Models

After months of leaks, rumors, and speculation, Sony finally confirmed the existence of two new PlayStation 4 models in a press conference in New York this week. The PlayStation 4 Slim is a smaller, sleeker version of the console, replacing all base PS4 units on store shelves. It will be available Sept.15 priced at $299. The PlayStation 4 Pro is the project formerly known as PlayStation 4 Neo and PS4K. This more powerful console comes with an upgraded CPU and GPU that will support 4K resolution and HDR for both games and video. The upgraded specs will also enhance current PS4 games on regular HDTVs and should also provide a boost to the PSVR games launching later this year. The PS4 Pro will be available Nov. 10 and will cost $399.

Sony Announces PlayStation 4 Pro and Slim Models

Nintendo Announces Mobile Game Super Mario Run

In a moment few would ever have dreamed of just a few short years ago, Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto took to the stage at an Apple Special Event this week to announce that Mario was coming to iOS devices in Super Mario Run. The game is a free runner where you control Mario by tapping on the screen to make him jump, collect coins, and maneuver through several levels as he battles his longtime rival, Bowser. Super Mario Run will be available this first on iOS devices this December, and should eventually make its ways to Android devices. The game will have a free limited version, and the full game can be purchased for a set price that Nintendo has yet to reveal.

Nintendo Announces ‘Super Mario Run’ iOS Game during Apple Special Event

Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay and Heroes Revealed

Some of the biggest gaming news this week was buried in the Sony press conference. During that event, EA showed off how beautiful the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda will look in glorious 4K. It was the public’s first good look at the game in action. It was also the first time we got to learn a bit more about the game’s heroes and their companions. It turns out, this time around you control a brother and sister team of heroes.

‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ Hero Revealed in First Gameplay Video (UPDATED)

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