The Week in Fandom for May 27

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Brian Linder

It’s time again to take a look at the hottest happenings, announcements, and events that set fandom ablaze this week! JUST HIT PLAY…

In this episode: HOLD THE DOOR! We revisit the Game of Thrones twist that has fans still in tears, and the big ol’ time-travel paradox that has us scratching our heads. Blizzard’s anticipated multiplayer FPS, Overwatch, is blowing up. The new X-Men movie is out — a film in which the central mystery revolves around rendering one of the most attractive actors of this generation a completely unrecognizable blue-skinned villain. Annnnd we’re getting a better, faster, stronger Xbox One.

All that, plus a preview of what to do this weekend in entertainment and games.

We’ll see you again next week! Here’s more coverage of this week’s hot topics…

Brian Linder
Brian Linder is Sr. Entertainment Editor at FANDOM. He's been on the fan-media scene since dial-up. Arriving at FANDOM from IGN, Brian was a founding editor at early Star Wars fansite and co-creator of the movie site, FilmForce, acquired in 2006. He's into space operas and superheroes.
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