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Waxwork Records Brings Us ‘From Beyond’

Something’s coming from Waxwork Records. Stuart Gordon’s From Beyond is one of the most extreme and entertaining H.P. Lovecraft films ever made. This Friday the folks that brought us the music of Re-Animator, Creepshow and Tales from the Darkside: The Movie on vinyl will be releasing a deluxe LP of From Beyond and soundtrack fans couldn’t be more excited.

Waxwork Records has been churning out amazing releases since 2013 and their output this year has been fantastic. It’s been three years since the vinyl for Stuart Gordon’s Re-Animator score by Richard Band was produced and since then the record label has gone on to create a massive fan base. Quality has always been top priority for founder Kevin Bergeron and his team, and with From Beyond we will no doubt see this strange and creepy film score sounding better than ever.

From Beyond is a gross, disturbing and very graphic take on H.P. Lovecraft’s story. The film quickly escalates from being a multi-dimensional science project gone wrong to a tale of violent supernatural entities and human transformation. The on-screen visuals are a blend of elaborate practical effects set to vibrant colored lighting to create a sense of otherworldly unease. The whole movie is elevated from there by its excellent cast and perfectly toned musical score.

Richard Band’s From Beyond soundtrack has been released before on Enigma and La-La Land Records, but Waxwork has pulled out all the stops for their new LP. The record will include deluxe packaging as always to include 180 gram vinyl in pink and blue splatter colors, liner notes from the composer and film director and awesome new artwork created by Sadist Art Designs. This is a big one for fans of 80s horror and vinyl collectors, so turn on your resonators and get ready because From Beyond is coming.


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