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Doug Trein

UPDATE: Now that the Sony E3 2016 press conference is over, Jorge Albor provides his thoughts on everything announced at the show.

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Closing out Monday of E3 week, Sony will take the stage to deliver their press conference. The event will be live on Monday, June 13 at 6:00pm PT / 9:00pm ET.

6:06After an epic orchestral opening played by a live band, we are greeted with the familiar face and voice of Kratos! The rumors of a new God of War game have been true.

6:12Kratos and his young son fend off various enemies, including an immense troll. Kratos is slowly teaching his son how to hunt. After missing his chance at a deer early, the boy finally nabs one. But hesitates on finishing the job.

6:15Kratos tells his son, “Now you are ready, for a new beginning” before the title drop is shown. “God of War”.

6:19 A new project from Bend Studios called Days Gone was revealed. A post-apocalyptic world following a biker turned mercenary.

6:22 The long-awaited companion-centered game from Team Ico, The Last Guardian, is shown for the first time, showcasing some beautiful new footage and at long last, a release date! Expect the game October 25, 2016.

6:24 The presentation shifts to Horizon: Zero Dawn, showcasing some new abilities of the main heroine Aloy. She can scan for parts within robotic enemies and use them to craft new items.

6:26 A dialogue tree is shown when Aloy comes across a distressed passerby. Players will be able to make unique choices in dialogue. Aloy is also able to mount creatures to ride across the game world.

6:30Aloy can equip various kinds of weapons, while fighting a Corrupter, she wields a heavy crossbow different from her traditional bow.

6:35 An exciting new game called Detroit: Become Human was shown. This futuristic adventure game follows the exploits of an Android named Connor who is tasked with solving various crimes. The game focuses on branching story paths and player choices that can effect events. The trailer shown involved a standoff on a roof with another android with a hostage. We saw 4-5 different outcomes for the event throughout the course of the video.

6:39 A new first-person horror game is shown. After some suspenseful footage within a destroyed house, the title is revealed. It’s the new Resident Evil! We’ve known the game was going to go back to it’s survival horror roots. It came with a release date of January 24, 2016. The game could be played from start to finish via PlayStation VR.

6:42 PlayStation VR will debut on October 13, 2016. .It will support up to 50 games from it’s launch to the end of the year.

6:45 Some new VR titles are shown, including Farpoint, a sci-fi game that explores a vast red planet. Star Wars Battlefront will be receiving a special VR mission based around space combat as well. A Batman VR game was also unveiled with the iconic voice of the Joker narrating.

6:48 Final Fantasy XV gets an exclusive PS trailer. The game will be getting it’s own VR experience as well!

6:55 An extended gameplay trailer of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was shown. Frantic space combat was shown in space fighters, along with gunplay in zero-gravity space and within major space vessels.

6:57 The Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remaster received it’s first major trailer.

6:58 Crash Bandicoot will make his triumphant return to the PlayStation with remastered versions of the first three Crash games. The character will always appear in the next Skylanders title, Skylanders Imaginators.

7:00 The next LEGO Star Wars game will be focused around The Force Awakens. The trailer showed some of the movie’s events, but with the LEGO charm.

7:03 Hideo Kojima has taken the stage!

7:08 Kojima unveils a new project called Death Stranding, featuring the likeness of Norman Reedus! With the cancellation of Silent Hills, it’s a great sign to see both collaborating on a new project.

7:10 A brief trailer of a new Spiderman game is shown.

7:17 An extended gameplay demo of Days Gone was shown. The main character is searching for someone named Two Dog. During his search, he stumbles across an immense horde of zombie like creatures, you chase him all over a compound in huge waves.

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