Watch: Let Tom Hardy Soothe You to Sleep With a Bedtime Story

Tom Hardy isn’t exactly known for being a softie. From The Dark Knight Rises to The Revenant, Hardy can play the a-hole really well. Even when he’s not acting like a total jerk, he’s great at being an intense man of few words, as in Mad Max: Fury Road. So his recent showing on the BBC’s CBeebies anthology series, in which celebrities read bedtime stories to sleepy youngsters, might be his greatest role yet.

Hardy picked the tale You Must Bring a Hat by Simon Philip and Kate Hindley, a wonderful story about a little boy invited to a party trying to abide by the dress code. Hardy starts to really get into it, even doing a few voices for the characters. However, the best part is his dog Woody, who’s sprawled out asleep on his lap throughout the whole video.

Watch the bedtime story below.

Don’t get too used to this softer side of Hardy, though. His upcoming FX period drama Taboo is full of murder and betrayal, so enjoy these adorable five minutes of the Oscar-nominated actor while you can.


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