‘Watch Dogs 2’ – San Francisco Landmarks Compared to Real Life

If you’ve read my Watch Dogs 2 review, you’ll see I praised much of the game. In particular, I loved exploring the many Watch Dogs 2 San Francisco locations. I’ve lived in the Bay Area for more than a decade, so it’s a rare treat to play a game set in a world I know so well.

I have to applaud Ubisoft for getting the details of Watch Dogs 2 San Francisco so correct. Sure, it's not a one-to-one match up, but the spirit is there. To show you just how well Watch Dogs 2 captures San Francisco, I grabbed iconic photos of five of the cities most famous structures. Look at them next to their in-game counterpart and see just how well Watch Dogs 2 recreated it.

AT&T Baseball Park


In the real world, AT&T Park is home to the multi-time World Series Champions, The San Francisco Giants. In Watch Dogs 2's San Francisco, the Giants are now the Beatniks, and faux-Google company Nudle owns the park. But on the outside, it's remarkable similar looking.

Castro Theatre


Castro Street is the world famous gay neighborhood of San Francisco, attracting LGBTQ folks from around the world. At its center is the best movie theater in the city, the Castro Theatre. Though some of the details are changed (and no movies are playing), Castro Theatre is in Watch Dogs 2 in all its neon glory.

Fisherman's Wharf


Fisherman's Wharf is mainly regarded as a tourist trap by locals, but it's still worth your time both in real life and in Watch Dogs 2. The marquee sign and intersection are the same in the game, though some of the buildings didn't make the transition from reality.

Golden Gate Bridge


The big orange bridge connecting San Francisco to the North Bay is the city's most famous landmark, and it's of course in Watch Dogs 2's San Francisco. Unfortunately, the beach doesn't look half as nice in Watch Dogs 2, and it's a lot more foggy in-game than in this postcard shot.

Japantown's Peace Plaza


Japantown or Nihonmachi sits in the center of downtown. There are many great shops and restaurants, and at its center is the Peace Pagoda. Gifted to San Francisco by the city of Osaka, it represents unity between the two sister cities. Japantown is also worth visiting in Watch Dogs 2. No matter where you are, the Peace Pagoda looks great at night.

That's all the Watch Dogs 2 San Francisco landmarks we want to spoil for you. Search out the rest for yourself. And if you're still on the fence about the game, check out our review.

‘Watch Dogs 2’ Review – California Dreaming

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