PAX East: ‘Warframe’ Panel and Interview

Eric Fuchs

I met up with two of the developers who came to PAX East this year to show off Warframe‘s plans for the near future. You can actually watch the entire panel above! The hour-long panel had a lot of content, about three videos, and a long Q&A session. But here I talked with Rebecca Ford, the Live Ops and Community Producer, and Steve Sinclair, Creative Director of Warframe and “Professional Funny One”. When it came time to make jokes during the panel, it was always Steve’s job, and he did not seem to dislike his work.

Can you describe the new Warframe you unveiled at your panel for us?


Rebecca Ford (RF): She is our 30th unique Warframe, she’s a Killer fairy. We wanted her to  be Tinkerbell-ish and embracing the whimsey of fairies of culture. Sometimes they’re devious, sometimes they’re funny, sometimes they’re out for blood. We’re looking to take those unique elements and make it something uniquely Warframe.

Steve Sinclair (SS): Really think Razer Tinkerbell out for blood.

You also unveiled the 13th Prime, Vauban Prime, why did you pick him?

RF: We try to release them chronically with the original Warframe, we try – we try – to have two males and two females, that’s the pattern.

Can you describe what powers Vauban gains when he turns Prime? What is going to give him that extra edge?

RF: Can’t release that yet. Sorry.

And when can we expect Vauban Prime out?

RF: You know better than I.

SS. Late spring, still in development.

Can you describe the new Lunaro mode. I heard you call it a “sport” several times during the panel, does this mean you’re aiming for an esport?


SS: Esport? No. It’s supposed to be a friendly competition mode. Much more softer, more gentler, more about sportsmanship than teabagging your enemies and seeing them weep. This is supposed to round out our players, some of them don’t enjoy hardcore competition, this should be more suited for them.

During the Q&A a lot of players gave a lot of suggestions for how they want you to fix the game. I thought some were actually good ideas. Are you considering any of the feedback you heard today?

RF. Making the pet system easier to understand, less risky. That was a good one.

How do you feel about your fan feedback?

SS. We really want good suggestions from players, some of our veteran players are great teachers. We definitely enjoy our feedback from out community. We’ve used Warframe options and concepts from our community.

RF. Our Wikia community has helped kept our community together.

SS: They make sense of the chaos.

Me: Glad to hear that.

Now last reveal in the panel, can you tell me a bit about the teaser trailer for upcoming for War Within quest?

SS. Well the last thing we showed at our panel was a very short tease about the Grineer Queens, it’s our next huge cinematic quest for what our working. It showed some mysterious characters that are behind in the inner workings of the faction, our evil Grineer Faction for the game. And we um… we really hope gamers will love it.

RF: And that was our panel in a nutshell. Hour long panel, finished in just two ten minutes interview.

Fandom: Thank you so much, and good luck with all this good work.

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