‘The Walking Dead’ San Diego Comic-Con Poster Is Here

Andrew Hawkins
TV Comic-Con
TV Comic-Con

The Walking Dead just released a new poster for Comic-Con. Fans have been dying to find out who will become Negan and Lucille’s victim. Theories have been flying all over social media since the finale of Season 6 ended with what many are calling the most infuriating cliffhanger ending in television history. From what we know about the events that take place in the comics, it looks like we might finally see the real death of Glenn. Looking at this official image, we might actually have some new clues as to who we will be losing when Season 7 returns this October.


Negan is responsible for the death of Glenn in the 100th issue of The Walking Dead comic series. When he leads a group of his army known as the Saviors to ambush Rick and the others, Negan uses Lucille to kill Glenn before beating Rick to a pulp in front of everyone. The moment is a savage and brutal event in the series and instantly establishes Negan as one of the deadliest threats any of the survivors have ever dealt with. At the end of Season 6 we know that a victim has been chosen and after looking at where he is standing, the direction he is facing and who is positioned where in the lineup, we can almost discern that Glenn is safe. Daryl, Abraham and Maggie though might not be so lucky.

San Diego Comic-Con is happening next week and quite a few of us here at Fandom will be attending the event. The Walking Dead panel is scheduled for Friday, July 22 and will no doubt be packed from wall to wall with fans eagerly awaiting news of what will happen next. Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan has already changed the game of what we can expect from the show, and if anything from the comics translates to the screen we should definitely be expecting Season 7 to contain more horror and brutality than we have ever seen before. October can’t come soon enough.

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