Remembering the Characters Who Died in ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 (SPOILERS)

Brian Linder
TV The Walking Dead
TV The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 7 death toll has risen. After the events of the debut episode, there was a lull in character deaths while the midseason finale made up for lost time. And the Season 7 finale episode brought another surprising death for a fan-favorite character. As always, there is a big SPOILER WARNING for the text below. If you don’t want to know who died in The Walking Dead, turn back now!

We’re not kidding. This is your last spoiler warning.



Sasha Williams, a former lookout at the Alexandria Safe-Zone and former firefighter from Jacksonville, Florida, died 630+ days after the outbreak. She is preceded in death by her brother, Tyreese Williams, former boyfriend, Bob, and Abraham Ford, with whom she shared a brief relationship and a very special bond. Sasha was known for her fierce personality and dead-shot skill with a firearm. Her friends will remember her no-nonsense attitude and her bravery, which she displayed even in death, sacrificing herself for the greater good.



Spencer Monroe, one of the trusted lookouts at the tower in Alexandria tower, died unexpectedly 600+ days into the outbreak at the hands of Negan. He was best known for his allegiance to his family and passion for community.  He is preceded in death by his mother Deanna Monroe, his father Reg Monroe, and brother Aiden.  Friends remember Spencer as one of the first people they met in Alexandria, and will miss his welcoming smile.


OliviaOnce a barista who enjoyed curing meats in her basement, Olivia’s life changed dramatically after the outbreak. As a resident of Alexandria, Olivia was a trusted member of her tight-knit community who held keys to both the armory and pantry. Between signing out weapons and providing ingredients to make cookies, Olivia is best remembered for her brave defense of Alexandria by slaughtering walkers with a machete, when it looked like there was no way out.



Abraham Ford, former U.S. Army Sergeant and part-time construction foreman for the Alexandria Safe-Zone, died unexpectedly 600+ days since the outbreak at the hands of Negan, leader of the Saviors. A Houston, Texas native, Abraham was known by friends for his wisdom and wit, despite struggling with symptoms of PTSD. He will be remembered for his use of colorful expressions such as, “Son of a d***,” and “What the b****?”

Post-apocalypse, he enjoyed killing walkers, telling jokes, drinking, and spending time with Rosita Espinosa. He had the greatest physical strength of anyone in Rick Grimes’ group of survivors which he joined upon encountering them while on his way to Washington, D.C.

Abraham is preceded in death by his wife, Ellen, daughter, Becca, and son, A.J. Abraham has no known surviving family members.

Abraham was a beloved, brave survivor who will be deeply missed by his friends.

If fans wish to do so, donations can be made in Abraham’s memory to the Wounded Warrior Project, a charitable organization helping thousands of injured veterans returning home from current conflicts and providing assistance to their families.


Glenn Rhee, former supply runner for the Atlanta camp group of survivors and part-time resident of the Alexandria Safe-Zone, died unexpectedly 600+ days since the outbreak at the hands of Negan, leader of the Saviors. A Michigan native and (probable) Boy Scout, born to Korean immigrants, Glenn was known by friends for his resourcefulness and youthful enthusiasm. He will be remembered for his loyalty and devotion, especially towards his wife, Maggie, and their unborn child.

Having once been captured by the Governor, Glenn was brutally interrogated and still refused to reveal the location of his friends’ camp.

Pre-apocalypse, Glenn resided in Atlanta where he delivered pizzas for a living. After the outbreak, he took refuge in the Atlanta Survivor Camp where he met Rick Grimes. He would go on to become an integral member of Rick’s group of survivors and travel north with them to Alexandria.

Glenn is survived by his wife, Maggie Greene Rhee, who is carrying their child.

Glenn was a kind, trustworthy survivor who will be deeply missed by his friends.

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