Telltale’s ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Gets First Trailer

At the Game Awards 2016, Telltale Games surprised folks with a teaser for its Guardians of the Galaxy video game. But that wasn’t their only news. Telltale also brought the first footage of The Walking Dead Season 3. Take a look.

That trailer was about as intense and tragic as you'd expect. Also, Clementine has really grown into her role as a post-apocalyptic survivor. That new footage also came with the news that the first chapter was far too big for just one episode. So, in a first for Telltale, The Walking Dead Season 3 will launch with two episodes on Dec. 20. For more information on the game, check out Fandom's previous updates.

Previous update from Nov. 22 follows...

Not much had been shown from the next season of Telltale's Walking Dead adaptation since its reveal at San Diego Comic-Con. Today finally ended the speculation with confirmation of The Walking Dead season 3 release date. You'll be able to play it by the end of 2016... barely.

Telltale The Walking Dead Season 3 Release Date

Telltale's The Walking Dead Season 3 release date is officially set for December 20, 2016. So five days before Christmas Day, you can feel the intense fear and anxiety of being hunted by zombies. Happy holidays indeed.

Along with news on The Walking Dead Season 3 release date, Telltale also revealed that we'll be getting the world-premiere trailer for the first episode at Dec. 1's The Game Awards. It'll be one of many games likely revealed there, so you can bet that Fandom will be watching closely. Until then, read up on the previous updates on the game.

Our original story from July 21 follows.

After a ludicrously long wait, Season 3 of Telltale's hit series The Walking Dead is fast approaching release. At their yearly panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Skybound Entertainment unveiled a brand new poster for the game (shown below), along with a few new screenshots. The poster spotlights the two playable characters in this upcoming season. Clementine we already know and love, but Javier is a new survivor in the franchise. I suspect he may not live through the season.

The Walking Dead Season 3 Poster

Telltale had this to add about the upcoming season:

Another unique aspect of this third season is that while it absolutely continues the story of the previous two seasons, it also serves as a new entry point for fans who've yet to be caught up to speed. Players starting with this third season will be introduced to young survivor AJ, who fans will recognize as the son of Rebecca from Season Two - and we can confirm that he will be making an appearance in this season as well. So players who are new to the series will have a chance to learn more about Clementine's backstory, while at the same time, those who have played previous seasons will have a story that's uniquely tailored to the diverging paths they've taken in the past.

While the game doesn't have a release date just yet, it is expected to be playable later this fall. Check out the rest of the screenshots below to whet your appetite until then.

Slaughterhouse, The Walking Dead Season 3
Junkyard, The Walking Dead Season 3
Clem and AJ, The Walking Dead Season 3

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