‘The Walking Dead’: Rick’s Beard, Polaroid Camera Melt Twitter in S8 Premiere

Corey Denis
TV The Walking Dead
TV The Walking Dead

SPOILER ALERT: This post contains spoilers from the Season 8 premiere of The Walking Dead, entitled “Mercy.” Proceed with caution.

“All Out War” is here, and just like the Great War of Westeros, the build-up is insane. “Mercy,” the 100th episode of The Walking Dead, gives fans no choice but to sit on the edge of their seats. Amid intense fighting, there’s no shortage of material to obsess over. From Rick’s beard, his Polaroid camera, Weird Al Yankovic, and spineless Gregory disappointing everyone as usual (ugh!) the only thing anyone can do now is Tweet (until next week).

That Opening Scene Tho

While it isn’t news to superfans, a portion of the opening scene is one big Easter Egg. It looked familiar because it’s happened before.

Everyone Wants A Polaroid Camera RN

Rick busted out a Polaroid camera and it’s straight outta the 1980’s. Twitter is obsessed.

Here’s Why Rick’s Polaroid Pic Will Give You All The Feels

No, YOU’RE crying. Nevermind, we’re all still crying. 😭

Rick’s Beard Will Distract You From The Feels

Put those tissues aside and stop sniffling, because Twitter’s facial hair obsession is the distraction you need. Fans are entrenched in nail-biting suspense, but between battle scenes, there are flash-forwards to future Rick. It’s literally impossible to look away from his big gray bushy beard. Once beyond the beard, fans on Twitter can’t stop questioning where it fits in the timeline.

Beard aside, Rick Grimes left everyone wondering WTF because he didn’t kill Negan when he had the chance.

He’ll do it eventually, and we all know it.

Old Man Rick Likes Weird Al Yankovic?

Yes. Yes, he does. Old man Rick isn’t just sporting a beard, he’s dropping clue bombs. During the old man Rick scenes, there’s music playing in the background. It sounds like a cover of “Another One Bites The Dust” by Queen, but it’s actually Weird Al Yankovic’s “Another One Rides The Bus.”


Meanwhile, Gregory Still Sucks

Seriously. Gregory is so bad, he’s hard to watch. He’s the reason one of our beloved survivors is in trouble, but we’ll get to that later. Instead of lobbing objects at TV screens, everyone took to Twitter.

Don’t Touch The RV

Too late. it’s gone. Rest In Peace, RV. You will be missed.

Don’t Touch Father Gabriel Either

Father Gabriel suddenly feels compassion for Gregory, so he tries to help him. Minutes after getting help from Father Gabriel, Gregory does what he does best: betrays him. Naturally, Father Gabriel proceeds to do what he does best. He seeks refuge inside a building, shuts himself in, and takes a breath. Problem is, someone else is in the building and his name is Negan. Damn.

We don’t know what’s next because that’s how the season 8 premiere ends. What. The. Actual. F.


The Walking Dead season 8 premiere basically gives everyone a temporary case of restless leg syndrome.


It’s going to take all week to decode the timeline and figure out why old man Rick is so old. Is the entire story a nightmare in the mind of old man Rick? WTF is Father Gabriel going to do, trapped in a building with Negan? How does one find film for a Polaroid camera in the middle of a zombie outbreak? Despite the answers to any of these questions, one thing is certain: nobody will miss Gregory when he’s gone.

Did you watch the season 8 premiere of The Walking Dead? What did you think? Are you going to miss Gregory after he’s gone? Let us know @getfandom on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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