‘The Walking Dead’ Recap and Review: “The Well”

Drew Dietsch
TV The Walking Dead
TV The Walking Dead

For a full recap of the episode, visit The Walking Dead Wiki here. This article is a review of the episode in which specific details and events are discussed. SPOILERS may occur, so read at your own risk.

After last week’s gruesome episodeThe Walking Dead decided to calm things down. Naturally, that means presenting us with an all too familiar setup. Yes, we have yet another seemingly idyllic community run by a charismatic leader. Surely the addition of people from our lead group won’t muck up this place!

walking dead recap review carol morgan the well

Carol and Morgan are scoping out the Kingdom to see if it’s a place worth settling down in. How many times do we have to be subjected to this same story? We know that things won’t end well. By season’s end, everything will be ruined and the team will have to relocate once more. Or at the very least, a character we really like will be offed and everyone will be miserable for two episodes. Why even begin to grow an attachment towards someone like Ben when we know he’s definitely going to die before the season is through?

The Walking Dead has fallen into a dangerous pattern of familiarity. Even the shock of the show has lost any impact. While “The Well” is pleasant enough after “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be”, it’s all just build up towards an eventual fall that we can see coming a mile away. The show is being carried by larger-than-life figures like Negan and now King Ezekiel. They are plenty enjoyable for their own reasons but they don’t make up for this show’s lack of creativity.

Hopefully, there is something more unexpected in store for season seven. As of now, it’s hard to feel anything warm for the residents of the Kingdom or Morgan and Carol’s new living situation. What’s the point if we’re already taking bets on who is going to buy the farm?

Best Moments of the Episode:

  • That zombie that gets the front half of its head lopped off. If there’s one thing this show is good for, it’s the fun effects work.
  • Shiva the tiger. That’s some good CG work.
  • The choir’s rendition of “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right”.
  • Ezekiel’s sit-down with Carol. He’s an instantly endearing character and filled with so much potential. So don’t get attached to him because that means he’s going to die.

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