The Walking Dead – In Memoriam Video #2

TV The Walking Dead
TV The Walking Dead

Glenn Rhee, former supply runner for the Atlanta camp group of survivors and part-time resident of the Alexandria Safe-Zone, died unexpectedly 600+ days since the outbreak at the hands of Negan, leader of the Saviors. A Michigan native and (probable) Boy Scout, born to Korean immigrants, Glenn was known by friends for his resourcefulness and youthful enthusiasm. He will be remembered for his loyalty and devotion, especially towards his wife, Maggie, and their unborn child.

Having once been captured by the Governor, Glenn was brutally interrogated and still refused to reveal the location of his friends’ camp.

Pre-apocalypse, Glenn resided in Atlanta where he delivered pizzas for a living. After the outbreak, he took refuge in the Atlanta Survivor Camp where he met Rick Grimes. He would go on to become an integral member of Rick’s group of survivors and travel north with them to Alexandria.

Glenn is survived by his wife, Maggie Greene Rhee, who is carrying their child.

Glenn was a kind, trustworthy survivor who will be deeply missed by his friends.

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