Who Are ‘The Walking Dead’ Junkyard Gang?

There’s a new group of survivors in town. The Walking Dead junkyard gang made its debut in the midseason premiere, “Rock in the Road.” And we’ll get to know them more in the second half of Season 7.

In recent seasons, the world of The Walking Dead has grown beyond Rick Grimes and his core group of survivors. We’ve met new groups like The Kingdom, Hilltop, and The Saviors, and the second half of Season 7 will be no exception. At the conclusion of the midseason premiere, Rick and his group found themselves surrounded by a brand new group.

Who are The Walking Dead junkyard gang and what will they mean for season 7?

Rick Grimes is surrounded by The Walking Dead junkyard gang.
Rick Grimes is surrounded by the junkyard gang.

SPOILER WARNING: We’re going to talk about the new junkyard gang, so if you don’t want to know about that, obviously… turn back now.

There’s not a lot of official info out there, but The Walking Dead spoiler hounds, like The Spoiling Dead Fans, have the scoop.

The junkyard group is led by Jadis, who’s described as a “poker-faced leader with a superior air.” Other high-profile members of the junkyard community that we’ll meet this season are Brion and Tamiel.

In the trailer for the second half of Season 7, we see Rick with an armored “spiked walker” standing behind him. Rick seems to come face to face with this walker while at the junkyard. And he looks concerned. But does that mean the junkyard gang are enemies of Team Grimes?

Rick vs. the spiked walker in The Walking Dead junkyard
Rick vs. spiked walker in the junkyard?

The Walking Dead junkyard gang isn’t in the comics, so we’re in uncharted territory here.

If you’re a reader of The Walking Dead comics and find yourself scratching your head because you haven’t heard of the junkyard, it’s OK. They’re a brand new group of survivors created just for the TV show. So, we’ve got nothing to go on in terms of informed speculation.

Will the junkyard gang go along with Rick in the coming war with Negan and the Saviors? We don’t know, but our money is on them becoming allies… for now.

Find out more about the junkyard community when The Walking Dead airs Sunday on AMC.

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