‘The Walking Dead’ Stuns Fans with Ninja Jesus, Zombies Rolling Down A Hill

Corey Denis
TV The Walking Dead
TV The Walking Dead


SPOILER ALERT: This feature contains spoilers from the Season 8, Episode 3 of The Walking Dead entitled “Monsters.” Proceed with caution.

The Walking Dead is not just another story about zombies. It isn’t just another violent show with guns and death. In the post-apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead, there will be no peace until questions of morality and ethics are answered; many of those are the same we face IRL. In “Monsters,” we watch characters develop while we face the nature of humanity; ourselves. Morgan and Jesus battle each other from the same side, Gregory is still the worst, and zombies rolling down a hill is the Internet’s new favorite gif. The third episode of Season 8 mixes love, loss, violence, war and humor, but this week the cliffhanger is more than just a storyline.

“Monsters” is almost too emotional, and Twitter just can’t, which means that it does. Everyone has an opinion.

Ezekiel Knows What’s Up

King Ezekiel opens the episode with yet another inspirational speech, and now most of us want to hire him as a personal trainer.

Rick’s List

When we last saw Rick, he was in a room with Morales, a character we haven’t seen since the first season. Morales is with The Saviors now, and he’s pointing a gun at Rick Grimes. In a labored attempt to pull Morales away from The Saviors, Rick tells him who’s died since the two last saw each other. Cue: feelings.

Twitter Never Forgets

Not all of the emotional reactions were tearful. Rick forgot to mention a few folks. Oops. Maybe he forgot the golden rule: The Internet remembers everything and everyone, all of the time. It doesn’t matter if Morales remembers them or not, the Internet wants Rick to speak their names. He didn’t, so Twitter did it instead.

Daryl DGAF

Rick doesn’t want to kill Morales, he wants to save him by convincing him to switch sides. Daryl comes up from behind and doesn’t hesitate. Bye Morales, we hardly knew ye.

Morgan vs Jesus

Meanwhile, all-out war is a turning point for Morgan. Unfortunately, or fortunately, he’s fighting “All Out War” with Jesus. They manage to capture a few Saviors, but the two have a different perspective on the meaning of war. Morgan wants to kill all captured Saviors because they are evil, and evil begets evil. Paul “Jesus” Rovia wants to find the good in The Saviors, and give them a chance to turn their lives around. Imagine that. Once again, fans are picking sides and it looks like Jesus is losing.

Ninja Jesus

Morgan loses his mind and freaks out on Jesus. The two men fight, and we’re still waiting for feedback on their skills from Bruce Lee.

Morgan eventually pulls a Carol and walks off into the woods on his own.

No, YOU’RE Crying

That’s a lie. We’re all crying. If Rick’s list of those lost from Atlanta didn’t trigger feelings, don’t worry. Aaron and Eric more than make up for it. Eric’s dying by a tree, and Aaron isn”t injured. The two say a loving goodbye, and the world says goodbye to Eric. Rest In Peace.

Meanwhile, this is true, and it’s been going on for 7 long seasons. The Walking Dead LGBT couples’ visibility needs improvement.

Well, That Was Fast

It didn’t take long for Twitter to start shipping Aaron with Jesus. Because Internet.

Walkers Rolling Down A Hill Will Dry Your Tears

There is no problem that cannot be solved by watching Walkers rolling down a hill. In “Monsters” we get to see Walkers rolling their way toward the living, and it’s glorious. Many thanks to the showrunners for giving Twitter the gift of a lifetime.

Gregory Still Sucks

Just a reminder, everyone still hates Gregory because he’s the worst. Ever.

Apparently, he also ate a little girl’s pancakes, which seals the deal: Gregory sucks.

Rick’s Instagram Account Is 🔥

We’re not sure what he’s doing with his Polaroid camera and an endless supply of film, but Rick is taking pictures again and Twitter approves.


“Monsters” is the most appropriate title for The Walking Dead season 8 episode 3. The entire episode alludes to the blurred line between two factions fighting a war against each other. Both groups are killing each other in a world where life is limited and death is the true enemy.

Morgan and Jesus are on the same side, but fighting against each other. Daryl kills Morales to save Rick without hesitation. The Saviors and Negan are evil; the Alexandrians and Rick are our heroes. We feel a kinship to the Alexandrians and anger toward The Saviors, but how are they different?

Who Da Real Monster

When the zombie apocalypse strikes, who is the judge of right versus wrong, and who are the real monsters in The Walking Dead? The episode begins with yet another inspiring speech from Ezekiel and ends with his tribe diving on top of him to save him from gunfire.

We hope he survives, but our hearts break for the people who may have died to save him.

All-Out War Is Hell

Does it matter who is right and who is wrong? The heroes of Alexandria have new prisoners of war on the Hilltop, and Ezekiel’s army is under siege. We may love our heroes, but is their fight any different from The Saviors’? In “Monsters,” the characters are starting to fall on different sides, even if they’re in the same camp. Jesus wants to save surrendering Saviors, Tara and Morgan do not.

Everyone wants to kill Gregory, Maggie does not.

Life is precious in The Walking Dead and IRL. As long as we keep fighting each other, are we all monsters? The cliffhanger at the end of “Monsters” is terrifying, but answers to the philosophical dilemma left in its wake might just save the world.

What do you think? Did you watch? Are you team Morgan or team Jesus, and why? Let us know @getfandom on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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