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Walking Dead Food and Wine

Just because there is a zombie apocalypse does not mean wine enthusiasts cannot pair wines with the available cuisine. Those that enjoy wine better stock up because there is no one to tend the vine or make the wine.

Winery in the Zombie Apocalypse

Hopefully, since Rick and crew are on the East coast and there are good wineries in that region of the US, at least one winemaker survived. It would be a shame to relearn how to create exquisite wine.

Daryl Hunts Possum

As pre-zombie apocalypse food resources dwindle, cooking skills become more creative. That does not mean one cannot enjoy grapes dancing across one’s lips.

Skewered Dog

Here is an example of a seven-course meal that Rick and company could share. Let’s hope they do not have to resort to Rover again, but if so, we know they have first-hand experience.

Walking Dead Menu

  1. Marinated earthworms a la Brothers Dixon with 2012 Concha y Toro Casillero del Diablo Reserve Sauvignon Blanc.
  2. Lori’s Tomato & Cucumber Salad with 2011 Cockfighter’s Ghost Poole’s Rock Semillon.
  3. Enid’s Homemade Creole Turtle Soup with 2013 Armida Antidote.
  4. Beth and Daryl’s Wild Honey Glazed Flame Roasted Snake Bites with 2011 Charles Smith The Velvet Devil Merlot.
  5. Daryl and Maggie’s BBQ Squirrel or Sasha‘s Skewered Dog served with Farm Fresh Roasted Ears of Corn with 2012 Twisted Oak Syrah-Viogniar.
  6. Daryl’s Roasted Stuffed Possum with 2010 Corvidae Wine Company The Keeper Cabernet Franc.
  7.  Mika & Lizzie’s Wild Grapes, Carol’s Beet & Acorn cookies, or Carl‘s Chocolate Pudding with 2006 Ghostly Grey Adieu.

Notice how important it is to have a skilled hunter in the group? Let’s hope that Negan’s choice will not come in between our group consuming a good meal with the right wine.

The Saviors look like the beer swigging type. Perhaps the Belgium craft beer Fantôme Saison is more their style since it has a cult following and a signature ghost adorns each bottle.

Fantôme Saison


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