VOTE: Star Trek Crew Bracket Tournament Semi-Finals

Billy Arrowsmith
Star Trek
Star Trek

The Star Trek Crew Battle Bracket Tournament on Memory Alpha is getting intense in the final match-ups. Last round saw a bunch of heavy characters go down. Jim Kirk beat Scotty, Spock defeated Data, Picard took down Janeway, and Sulu fell to Worf. Most of those are no surprise. Sulu and Worf were probably the most evenly matched. They both have considerable fighting skills. Janeway is a great officer, but I think we all knew she was gonna lose to Picard. Scotty will of course be replaced by the beloved Welshy. Spock beating Data also feels like kind of a given… they’re both great characters in a similar vein, but Data has never been as popular as Spock.

Let’s get to the new match-ups. Picard and Worf are definitely an interesting pairing. It feels easy to call that battle “brains vs. brawn” but I think we all know they both have their fair share of both. It seems like Kirk and Spock are the real classic grudge-match here though. This has been debated endlessly among fans and it’s also been a frequent topic on the show. Remember, we’re not just asking who would win in a fight, but who is truly the better officer? Who is the more distinguished and valuable asset to Starfleet? Whose philosophy and personal drive is the greatest asset when exploring the final frontier? Whose noggin can withstand the most bridges dropped on it?

Only you can decide their fates, so vote now to save your favorites from elimination! Don’t be afraid to recruit your own crew of like-minded Trekkers to help give your picks a boost! Check back next week for the finals! It looks like it’s gonna be one hell of a doozy. 


Billy Arrowsmith
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