And the Winner of the Fandom Fantasy Presidential Election Is…

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The U.S. Presidential Election has come and gone. So, too, has the Fandom Fantasy Presidential Election. You voted for your favorite pop culture Presidential and Vice Presidential pairing from movies, TV, and games, and your choice was clear. While the results of the actual election were closer than pundits predicted, our’s was a landslide. The votes have been tallied (actually, the poll automatically updated them, but that doesn’t sound as cool), and the winners of the Fandom Fantasy Presidential Election are…

Superman and Captain America


Regardless of which direction you lean politically, it’s tough to imagine a more patriotic duo for America to rally around. Supes and Cap are exactly what we need to heal and come together as a country.

As for the ticket they ran on, it seems pretty obvious:

  • Prioritize solar energy (Superman does draw his powers from the Sun, after all)
  • Full transparency with the media (but the Daily Planet gets its fair share of exclusives)
  • Improved veterans’ services and programs for the elderly (Captain America is almost 100 years old)
  • A focus on national defense (the VP carries around a shield, for cryin’ out loud)

In all seriousness, while Superman and Captain America are fictional characters, it says a lot about our fans that these two characters came out as clear winners. It shows that deep down, regardless of our political views, we can all believe in the principles these two men embody:

Truth, Justice, and the American way.

We hope this mock election has been a fun distraction in a stressful election season. Thanks for voting.


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