‘Voltron’ Theories: Who is Prince Lotor?

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Voltron: Legendary Defender finished off its second season on Netflix with a doozy of a cliffhanger. The paladins of Voltron defeated Zarkon, but mysteriously lost their leader, Shiro, in the process. Then in the very last scene, Haggar commands Zarkon’s crew to “summon Prince Lotor.” But just who, exactly, is Prince Lotor?

Prince Lotor in Previous Voltron Series

Prince Lotor (DotU)

Longtime fans of the Voltron franchise will actually recognize Lotor’s name. In the original Voltron: Defender of the Universe, he is King Zarkon’s son and a conquerer for the Drule Empire. He wants to replace his father, who he despises, as king and rule with Princess Allura, whom he develops a strong, yet twisted, love for. In the 2011 reboot Voltron Force, he does become king, but ultimately falls at the hands of Voltron. Lotor is a smooth, handsome character, powerful and evil.

So where does this leave him for Legendary Defender?

Theories For Legendary Defender Lotor

No doubt, Prince Lotor will be a prominent figure in season three of Legendary Defender, most likely stepping into his father’s role as emperor of the Galra Empire. But all guesses for what else happens for him are merely theories right now. Theories for many, many questions.

When Haggar gives the command to summon Lotor, what does she know? Zarkon was dealt a heavy last blow by Voltron. But when last seen, it looks like an attempt to resurrect him was being made (most likely via quintessence). Since Zarkon’s status is up in the air, does this mean Lotor will be an interim ruler for his father? Or will he permanently inherit the title of emperor?

The topic of Lotor’s previous obsession with Allura is even more uncertain. In Defender of the Universe, Lotor’s attraction to the princess was blocked by her and Keith’s own love. But in this reboot, Allura has had no significant romantic relationships thus far. This leaves the door wide open either for Lotor to make even stronger advances on Allura. On the other hand, the writers might just downplay any potential romances.

A Grand Theory For the Prince

My personal grand theory for the prince draws comparison to another show. The creators of Legendary Defender (Joaquim Dos Santos, Lauren Montgomery, and Tim Hedrick) all previously worked on Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. And while they have done a fantastic job of revitalizing the Voltron franchise in a refreshingly unique way, many fans have happily noticed the influence Avatar has had on the team. (Rolo is definitely the space version of Jet, right?)

That said, my theory is that Lotor will be something of a figurehead in season three, becoming Voltron‘s version of Prince Wu from Legend of Korra. Just as Wu was very naive as the future Earth King and tried to seduce Korra, so too might be Lotor with the title of emperor and Allura. If this happens, then Haggar might also draw similarities to a Legend of Korra character: Kuvira. Kuvira forcefully took over (and ended) the Earth Kingdom after Wu’s coronation. Judging from the dominant, yet secretive role she has played so far, Haggar might try to implement her own agenda and usurp the empire from an unsuspecting Lotor herself.

Only the arrival of season three and Prince Lotor will confirm or deny these ideas. But until then, keep the theories coming.

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