‘Voltron’ Cast Weighs in on Season 4’s Reunion … and That Milkshake Scene!

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Spoiler Alert: This post contains spoilers from Season 4 of Voltron: Legendary Defender on Netflix. Proceed with caution.

A reunion four seasons in the making finally happened on Voltron: Legendary Defender. Pidge, the pilot of the green lion, finally reunited with her long-lost brother Matt. Watch the emotional scene between the Holt siblings below:

Bex Taylor-Klaus (Pidge), Blake Anderson (Matt) and Rhys Darby (Coran) joined FANDOM to talk about popular animated streaming show, the cast’s newest addition, and some of their antics in the voiceover booth.

Milkshake Brings Coran (and Allura) to The Yard

Rhys, who plays the mustachioed Coran, revealed that fans will learn more about his character’s past. But the funniest part is when he described what went into the now-infamous milkshake scene (which you can watch below):

“I come from New Zealand, which is a very cow-heavy country,” Rhys explained. “So it was extra acting involved there for me to not be familiar with the process of a cow.”

Feelings in the voiceover booth ran from hilarious to emotional.

Bex and Blake revealed their emotions during their reunion were authentic, as their prior recordings never overlapped. So when they finally met, it was for the first time. Now, the siblings need to find their missing father, Sam.

The Brown Lion … Drops!

As for Blake’s character Matt, will he get a lion of his own to pilot of his own?

“Maybe there’s a sea green lion or a lime green lion,” Blake joked. “I love the color seafoam green. That would work really well for me.”

One lion Matt definitely WON’T be piloting is the brown lion. The sixth color is somewhat of a — forgive the pun — running joke among the Voltron voice actors. There’s not actually a brown lion, and the origin of the name is kinda gross, if you like toilet humor. Get the explanation below:

Season 4 of Voltron Legendary Defender airs on Netflix now.

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