Why ‘The Voice’ Coaches Are the Definition of Squad Goals

True to form, the 10th season of NBC’s The Voice has given us undeniable musical talent, elaborate live performances, and gif-worthy reactions from coaches / ultimate squad Adam Levine, Pharrell Williams, Christina Aguilera, and Blake Shelton.

As we gear up for the season finale, let’s take a look back at all the times The Voice coaches —  past and present — gave us major squad goals.

When You Roll up to the Party:


When You Get the Digits and Your Friend Sees From Across the Way:


When Someone Makes a Joke About You and You Can’t Tell If They’re Throwing Shade:


When You Convince Everyone in Your Friend Group to Download Neko Atsume:


When Your BFFs Meet Each Other for the First Time:


When You’re the Couple of the Group and You Make Everyone Want to Throw Up:

gwen_thevoice blake_gwen_thevoice

When They Make Plans Without You and You Have to Be Your Own Squad for a While:


When Someone Isn’t Caught up On Game of Thrones and None of You Can Talk About It:


When Your Friend Is at a Low Point and You Have to Be a Life Coach All of a Sudden:


When You Get a Haircut You Hate but Everyone Says It Looks Cute:


When They Try to Stop You From Ordering Another Drink at the Bar:


When They Do Something Lame but You Just Can’t Stay Mad:


Tune in for more squad goals during the live season finale of The Voice on NBC this Tuesday, May 24.

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