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The Flash’s latest season has come to a close with an ending that nobody saw coming. Thawne lies dead for the third time (seriously, that guy has more lives than a cat), Zoom has been repurposed by the Speed Force as the Black Flash, and Savitar is dealt with (for now). But these events mean that viewers need an entirely new group of Rogues for The Flash Season 4. Luckily, The Flash still has some great villains to draw from the annals of DC Comics.

The Thinker

There are strong-yet-unconfirmed indications that The Thinker, who was named-dropped plenty in Season 3 will be next season’s villain. Both Kadabra and Savitar have talked about Clifford DeVoe, the Golden Age Rogue who once fought Jay Garrick. DeVoe is best known for ‘Thinking Cap” he created to boost his intellect and create perfect crimes. The Thinker would make a great villain because this matchup pits super-speed against sheer intelligence and perfect planning. Could Barry defeat an inescapable trap? There are many ways The Thinker could be brought to life on the screen – from AI to weird helmet – and CW could make them all fantastic. Now, let’s talk about other Rogues we could see…


Reverse-Flashes are polar opposites to our favourite scarlet speedsters, but Cicada is more of an Un-Flash. That is, he has no clear Speed Force connection himself but kills anybody the Flash has saved. When bodies start toppling from seemingly normal knife attacks, Barry might not make the connection. But how could Team Flash protect Central City and safeguard everybody a speedster has ever saved? And what would Barry do if Cicada offered to bring his parents back to life?


Fans of Clive Yorkin might remember that his death touch made anything decompose. Fallout shares a similar power; he projects such lethal quantities of radiation that at one point Iron Heights kept him chained up as a power source. Only by coating himself in Speed Force energy could Wally West stop his unwilling rampage. This could be a way to expand more into the Speed Force mythos as they learn to create materials from the trans-dimensional lightning. It would also mark the first helpless villain – unable to do anything but kill.

Christina Alexandrova

While CW has done a decent job of sticking to or adapting the DC source material, Christina Alexandrova might need to be adapted to the modern era. A child of the Soviet Union, Christina was a member of Blue Trinity, an attempt to replicate the powers of the America Flash. In her time, she served with Vandal Savage, Savitar, and even went under the moniker ‘Lady Flash’ for a while. It would be interesting to see the effects of the dark matter wave extend overseas. So far, the furthest they’ve gone is Star City and back. It’s time to think big.

Alexander Petrov

“Who watches the watchers?” With all the confiscated Rogue weapons just lying about, it was only a matter of time before somebody started playing with them. Enter Keystone criminologist Alexander Petrov. Using a Mister Element-created weapon, Petrov killed anyone he thought threatened his position in order to further his own career. Since CW has introduced the Philosopher’s Stone, Petrov could create this weapon all his own. Since he originally framed Captain Cold, we could even have some more Wentworth Miller in flashbacks.

Bart Allen

Barry might have been the first person to run himself to death but he wasn’t the last. I might be reaching slightly here (okay, a lot) but amnesiac Barry renamed himself Bart whilst his memories took a break from reality. Grandson of the original Flash, Bart Allen ages extremely quickly but has a whole host of Speed Force abilities that make him a deadly threat to any criminals who cross his path. Perfect recall from speed-reading, speed-clones he can send off to scout ahead. How CW writes him is up to them, but Bart – good or evil – is too good a character to go unused.

A New Flash Foe?

Barry inside the Speed Force

The CW has used, rewritten and referenced dozens of DC heroes and villains over the last five years. There is nothing to stop them creating an entirely new foe all by themselves. What about ‘Momentum’? ‘Rush’, ‘Footfall’, ‘Fleet’ or ‘Kinesis’? With so much of the Speed Force touching down across Central City, nothing is beyond possibility. And with Barry gone into the Speed Force, there are some spare shoes ready to be stolen. Even more, with the one true Flash locked up, what else could convince the Speed Force to let him go but a speedster as evil as Zoom, Thawne or Savitar?

Graham Host is a member of the Fan Contributor program. In his spare time, he enjoys the works of Terry Pratchett, DC Comics and a wide assortment of video games. Under no circumstances should he be fed after midnight.
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