The Biggest Moments from ‘Vampire Diaries’ Season 7 So Far

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Although the Season 6 finale left fans fearing for the shows survival after its main female lead said her goodbye, the writers and directors did not disappoint us with the first half of Season 7. Despite suffering low ratings, the show still leaves fans on the edge of their seat after every episode. Let’s look back on some of those big events from the first half.

Warning: Article contains spoilers.

Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

damon salvatore in coffin

We all know that we’ll have to wait at least sixty TVD universe years before we’re able to see Elena again, but for Damon who chose to desiccate himself, that’s too long. We saw Damon take to the coffin at the side of beloved Elena after a heartfelt conversation with his best friend ‘Bon Bon‘ about how unfair it is to her. Although we know it doesn’t play out from the flashforwards, it still remains a huge event in Season 7 and sets the stage for many future events and twists in a few relationships.

Daddy Salvatore?


The number one thing we’ve all been waiting to see (or  at least I have) is a look into the history of the Salvatore brothers before meeting the infamous Katerina Petrova. Although the Katherine-Stefan relationship was one of the most notorious on the show, we couldn’t help but shriek when we found out that, before Katherine, Stefan was actually the love interest of heretic Valerie Tulle, and also father to her unborn child. Although that was child brutally killed before birth by Julian, we still have hope for their relationship.

Infamous Hunter Rayna Is a Cat?

Shamans perform their ritual on Rayna.

We’ve all heard of the ‘cats have nine lives’ blah blah, but what a supernatural hunter? Wicked. During the last few episodes of Season 7, we’ve gotten an in-depth look into the early life of the hunter that strikes fear into the heart of everyone (yes even Niklaus Mikaelson) — the one and only Rayna Cruz. We learn that she was enchanted by a group of shamans and gained super durability, enhanced speed, immunity to magic and — wait for it — nine lives! Each shaman offered up their life and, as their lifeforce flowed into Rayna, she gained an extra life, although she’s since died eight times and now is on her last, most powerful life. Did I mention that if Rayna dies for good, so does everyone she has marked? Including poor Stefan, as if he hasn’t been through enough.

Goodbye, Elena?!

Elena burns

After leaving the phoenix stone hell world thingy, Damon preached that he was ‘fine,’ suffering no side effects, and they believed him. Are you kidding me? This is Damon we’re talking about. Damon insisted that Tyler show him the body of Elena, clearly not thinking straight. He did…or did he? We see Damon torch Elena’s body to free himself of his past, which sets off the rage of Stefan. Turns out, Tyler isn’t as dumb as we thought, and our beloved Elena is fine — safe and sound in her coffin. Lovely. However, vampires all over the world know the cure runs in Elena’s blood. So, just how safe is she? I’d say not very, but this is TVD we’re talking about, right?

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