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Urien and His Bathing Suit Are Back in ‘Street Fighter V’

It’s a great day for both Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike enthusiasts and fans of the male form, as Urien has arrived on Street Fighter V. Urien’s SFV version remains pretty loyal to the original, with a focus on difficult, but huge damage combos and controlling space with his projectiles and tricky Aegis Reflector. Like the other characters, Urien will cost players 100,000 Fight Money or $5.99 in real money, and is free to Season Pass holders.

While there were some grumblings about Urien’s more subdued pinstripe suit costume, there’s good news for fans of the original look, as it can be unlocked via a special code for free! Holding down light punch, medium kick and heavy punch simultaneously before the start of the match will have Urien dramatically burn his suit and revert to his uh, “breezier” look.

You can tell Urien was dying to get out of that suit.

In addition to Urien, Environmental KOs have been added to SFV. We haven’t seen them all yet, but so far they seem to have a comical effect on certain levels where a character gets knocked out at the edge of the screen. Here’s an example featuring Karin’s new summer look:

The update also adds a few other things, including a versus CPU mode, which finally gives players an option to beat up bots outside of Story mode and the ever frustrating Survival mode. Daily tasks have been added as well, which should take some of the pain out of earning Fight Money for new stages, characters, and costumes. Finally, colors 1-10 on the default costumes have been unlocked for Season Pass holders and the player data tracking system has been revised.

With the exception of Urien, all of these Street Fighter V updates are free and live on PS4 and PC.

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