Super Nintendo World Coming to Universal Studios Japan

Andrew Hawkins
Games Nintendo
Games Nintendo

Have you ever wanted to experience life inside a Nintendo game? Universal Studios announced two weeks ago that new attractions will be built at their Hollywood and Orlando, Florida parks. Today they announced Japan will get the first Nintendo theme park in the world in time for the 2020 Olympics. This might be the best news for Mario fans ever.

universal super nintendo world

Super Nintendo World is the first official theme park of its kind in the entire world. The company announced today that the project will take 50 billion yen to build and will open in just a few years. Fans of Super Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong and Pokémon will finally be able to visit the realms contained within each of these video games for real.

Nintendo just can’t stop winning right now with this year’s release of the NES Classic, Pokémon GO, and the hotly anticipated Nintendo Switch coming out in March. This is a great time for gamers and fans of the brand, and by the end of this decade, the whole family will be able to visit these properties. Soon Nintendo fans of all ages will be able to go on rides and see Mario live in the Mushroom Kingdom.

What Can We Expect?

Nintendo game designer Shigeru Miyamoto and president of Universal Creative Mark Woodbury are teaming up to bring us the most immersive experience possible for this new park. Today’s announcement says we can explore multilevel environments with rides, interactive areas, shops, and restaurants and all of the characters we know and love will populate the park.

Universal Studios Japan is the flagship attraction that will set the bar for Orlando and Hollywood, and we can’t wait to see how it all turns out. Here’s hoping Nintendo Mobile releases more fun games, so we have something to play while we wait to go on rides.

Andrew Hawkins
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