Underworld: Selene’s 5 Most Awesome Moments

Drew Dietsch
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Selene, Kate Beckinsale’s death-dealing heroine in the Underworld series, is not a vamp to be trifled with. Here are five times Selene proved just how awesome she is…

Selene Jumps Off a Building (Underworld)

Right off the bat, Selene keeps it real by jumping off a building from like, I dunno, 8 stories up, lands and walks away like it’s no big deal. From the very first scene of the franchise, you know she’s got this on lockdown.

Selene Fights the Cops (Underworld: Evolution)

The fuzz are giving Selene grief. What they don’t know is that she’s Death Dealer who doesn’t play. She’s shot in the chest with a shotgun, and Selene is like, “Whatever, bro. I’mma hit you with your own gun!”

Selene Pulls Out Marius’s Spine (Underworld: Blood Wars)

So the big fight between Selene and Marius happens, and Marius turns into a Hulk-Wolf and has Selene on the ropes, but oh snap! Did Selene just zoom up behind you and rip out your spinal column? Yes. Yes she did.

Selene Kills Viktor (Underworld)

The big showdown between Selene and Viktor ends with Selene grabbing a sword, flying through the air, and slicing Viktor’s face in half. Slick.

Selene Decimates Some Dumb Soldiers (Underworld: Awakening)

Oh, you think being all decked out in super soldier gear is gonna stop Selene from wrecking you? Wrong! Break your neck, fold you in half, stab you with your own gun and kick your head in, and flamethrower guy? You’re toast.

The moral of this story? Don’t mess with Selene.

Underworld: Blood Wars is out on digital on April 11 and Blu-ray and DVD on April 25.

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