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Ring in 2016 with these fun party appetizer, dessert, and cocktail recipes inspired by some of our favorite TV shows from the year. From Sansa’s favorite dessert in Game of Thrones to Jessica Jones’ go-to libation, we have you covered. Read on for tasty recipes and entertaining tips to impress your friends and make your New Year’s Eve unforgettable.

The Americans:
Caviar Hors d’Oeuvres

In the hit drama series, The Americans, FBI agent Stan steals a can of precious Russian Beluga caviar. He scoops up the caviar with chips and washes it down with a six pack. We recommend you skip the chips for New Year’s Eve, and indulge in this classier version of these classic Russian hors d’oeuvres. 


Doctor Who:
Fish Fingers and Custard

The most iconic food from Doctor Who is by far Fish Fingers and Custard. It was what the Eleventh Doctor shared with little Amy Pond upon first meeting. Make these parmesan and cornmeal-crusted fish fingers for your guests in honor of the Doctor. If you are feeling bold, serve them with a big bowl of creamy custard. Don’t forget to don a bow tie and fez, as well!


Bob’s Burgers:
Sweet Home Avocado Sliders

Did you know that Bob’s Burgers has the “best burgers in town”? If you love the Fox animated show as much as we do, cook up some sliders inspired by one of Bob’s signature recipes to serve as appetizers. This year, we’re making the Sweet Home Avocado slider, which is downright punderful if we do say so ourselves.


Chocolate Chip Cookies

We can’t get enough of Cookie Lyon from Empire or these Chocolate Chip Cookies inspired by her. Cookie’s cookies are a must-have at your party. Serve them with a side of bling and a LOT of attitude.


Game of Thrones:
Lemon Cakes

After the dramatic Season 5 finale of Game of Thrones, we’re not sure about the fate of the lovely Sansa Stark, but what is certain is that this recipe for lemon cakes is truly divine. If you are a true GoT fan, whip up these lemon cakes in Sansa’s honor.


Steven Universe:
Cookie Cat

“He’s a pet for your tummy!” Cookie Cats are the ice cream sandwiches of our dreams. These half-vanilla and half-strawberry ice cream sandwiches are Steven’s favorite treat in Steven Universe. Your friends will be talking about these adorable desserts for months after your party.


House of Cards:
Bourbon Mule

While we count down the hours until midnight, we’re also looking forward to 2016 when we’ll see the Season 4 premiere of House of Cards. If you love to hate Frank as much as we do, drink a toast to President Underwood with this southern-inspired Bourbon Mule cocktail.


Rick and Morty:
Love Potion Cocktail

Love is in the air every New Year’s Eve. Mix up these Love Potion cocktails, inspired by the time Rick created a special love potion to get Jessica to fall in love with Morty. Just don’t drink too many or you’ll get riggety riggety wrecked, son.


Jessica Jones:
Whiskey Smash

Jessica Jones loves very few things in life. She loves her best friend Trish, kicking butt, and whiskey – lots and lots of whiskey. You can chug whiskey out of the bottle, Jessica style, or you can go a bit more civilized by mixing up these Whiskey Smash cocktails for your guests.


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