Tune-in Table: ‘Gilmore Girls’ Viewing Party Menu

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The four-part Gilmore Girls revival titled A Year in the Life premieres this Friday on Netflix. It’s a day fans of the series have been waiting for since shooting officially began in February, and we were given that breadcrumb of a teaser back in July. All our favorite characters are back, including three generations of Gilmore Girls: Rory, Lorelai, and Emily. Of course, this revival would not be complete without food, which has arguably been a main character since the beginning of the series (along with coffee, of course).

In honor of the show’s revival, here are the best foods to eat while you watch Gilmore Girls.

Pop Tarts


Junk food, and particularly Pop Tarts in general, are essential in the younger Gilmore household. They’re convenient, relatively cheap, and probably contain vitamins. For Lorelai in particular, Pop Tarts symbolized independence from her parents; they “tasted like freedom”. Here’s a recipe for homemade strawberry pop tarts if you’re feeling domestic. (Though if you’re going for authenticity here, a store-bought box will do just fine.) Check out Fandom’s homemade pop tart video below!



Pizza was there for Rory after breaking up with her first boyfriend, Dean. It can be found during gatherings at Lorelai and Rory’s house, study sessions, and if you happen to procure a giant 12-foot pizza for your mom’s birthday party, just know it can be lowered onto a picnic table by a crane. Is there anything pizza can’t do?

Chinese Food

gilmore girls rory and paris eat chinese food

Lorelai and Rory are known to order one of every chicken dish from their favorite Chinese place, then eat the leftovers straight out of their boxes for a week. Like pizza, Chinese food is the salve to many a heartache; especially when you’re sharing the meal with your current college roommate/former high school nemesis, Paris.

Burgers and Fries


If you’re thinking to yourself: Therese, surely this is enough food. You haven’t even considered the Thanksgiving leftovers we’re also eating at this viewing party!, then you’re not thinking like a Gilmore girl. Because there is STILL SO MUCH we haven’t dived into: like Luke and his delicious diner burgers and french fries, otherwise known as the “devil’s starchy fingers”.

Cake and Pie


This is not the time for moderation. Even though Thanksgiving just happened and you’ve eaten your weight in pumpkin pie, there probably wasn’t any cake so don’t even worry about it.

Ice Cream


You are 100 percent correct: this menu is getting ridiculous. But what else are you going to put on top of your cake and pie? And beer?



Finally, you’ll need coffee to wash down the sadness you feel after seeing all four episodes and realizing it’s all over with. At least for now, anyway.

Get ready to eat and eat and eat when Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life arrives on Netflix Friday, November 25.

Therese is a staff contributor at Fandom.
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