‘Trials of the Blood Dragon’ Combines Motorcycles and ’80s Nostalgia

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon‘s lurid neon ’80s parody was one of Ubisoft’s fresher ideas in recent history. So now it’s been teamed up with Trials, Ubi’s fun as heck motorcycle racing/platform/puzzle hybrid game? Huh, okay. Let’s take a look at the E3 trailer:

Goddang. Looks like the game will run on Trials' engine, but the characters, story, graphics, and music are all Blood Dragon. While the game sports the expected motorcycle action, it looks like there will be some side-scrolling run and gun action to boot. Good to see Rex Power Colt and Doctor Darling are back, though this time they've brought along Roxane and Slater, their by-the-numbers '80s sitcom kids!

Trials of the Blood Dragon Kids

From the press release:

Trials of the Blood Dragon expands the notorious motocross platforming gameplay of Trials into a full narrative-driven adventure. Players will journey through 30 missions spanning seven different worlds, from Vietnam War 4 to Space and even Hell.

Traversing through these unique worlds, players will be using a range of gravity-defying vehicles, weapons and tools from bikes to jetpacks; plasma rifle and CD launcher; and a grappling hook to get over and through anything they need to.

Most shockingly, Trials of the Blood Dragon is OUT NOW on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC for $14.99. If only I didn't have all these blasted E3 articles to write!

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