Trailer: ‘House of Cards’ Season 4

House of Cards‘ slimy, smarmy Frank Underwood clawed his way to the very top at the end of Season 2. In Season 3, the show hit a patch of ice, swerving to stay on the road as it tried to find conflicts that would keep viewers interested after Underwood was made President. It faltered, but that Season 3 finale did not disappoint. Now, we have our first good look at what’s in store for the upcoming Fourth Season!

Hey, it’s Neve Campbell! She’s looking right at home as a new series regular. Her role hasn’t been announced, but we’ll know soon enough who she’s playing. Also showing up this season are Ellen Burstyn, Cicely Tyson, and Joel Kinnaman. Also, what’s up with Frank’s (lack of) accent in the trailer voiceover? That’s odd. We also get a glimpse of a bearded Lucas Goodwin in prison. Keep in mind we haven’t seen him since Season 2! It looks like Remy and Jackie are back together, which makes this fan happy. Will Claire and Frank reunite? Will Frank be re-elected?

The answers arrive on March 4 when House of Cards returns.

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