The Trailer for ‘The Fate of the Furious’ is Downright Terrific

Every time the Fast and Furious series gets a new installment there’s always a question of how they’ll one-up the previous one. Somehow they find a way whether by sheer spectacle, star power, or both. A series that started off auspiciously suddenly carries the weight of a juggernaut. The Fate of the Furious not only adds Charlize Theron to the already bursting cast list, but also makes a villain of its hero. Watch:

That is a crazy trailer. F. Gary Gray seems to have slipped in without a hitch as the new director in the series, with action that seems ever more over the top. Additionally, it appears that Vin Diesel is switching sides and working alongside the new villain played by Theron. Mind control? The natural course of action? If you are trying to inject logic you've already missed the point.

The Best Money Can Buy

This series continually showcases the latest in action stunts and a cast of characters who know exactly what kind of film they're in. Frankly, The Fate of the Furious is untouchable. No critic can beat it. No buzz can beat it. With the parade of stars and series regulars on display, it's just one big win.

Here are the latest stills from the film:


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