Top Moments of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 9


Most likely the penultimate season of the series, season 9 of The Big Bang Theory was filled to the brim with moments ranging from shockingly dramatic to celebration-worthy. The first half of the season essentially made it the Year of the Shamy, with Sheldon and Amy’s break-up and make-up taking up nearly half of the season. But there were plenty of other notable moments, from the beginnings of families to Raj’s relationship conundrum to new scientific ventures. Here are the top moments that defined this past season.


4. Leonard and Penny’s Wedding

This was a loaded moment to kick season 9 off with. For starters, we’re thrown right back into the season 8 cliffhanger, where Amy wanted time away from Sheldon to think things over, and Penny and Leonard were en route to Las Vegas to elope. What it leads to is the gang assembled at Howard and Bernadette’s house to watch the wedding on their T.V., with all invited except Sheldon, who crashes the watch party because Amy’s there. Eventually, Sheldon becomes so infuriatingly annoying and insulting towards Amy about her wanting time to think about their relationship that she officially breaks up with him right then and there. This overshadows Leonard and Penny’s to the point that only Howard and Stuart are left watching the end of it. But despite that, and Leonard’s confession in the car ride there that he drunkenly kissed a coworker while overseas, the wedding and vows themselves are incredibly heartfelt and true to the relationship they’ve built up since the beginning of the series.


3. Sheldon and Amy’s Reconciliation

After ten episodes and a summer’s worth of agonizing heartbreak, Sheldon and Amy getting back together was a moment of huge relief and major feels for Shamy fans. The way Sheldon insists on speaking right then and there while Amy is on a date, and goes on to describe how he had The Beach Boys’ “Darlin'” stuck in his head because its lyrics describe how she’s changed his life for the better and he wants to be her boyfriend again, is not only adorably sweet, but also shows how their break-up was a necessary thing. They both matured during it and realized how much they love each other, and came out stronger in the end, and their reconciliation lets them bare all and express this in a passionate make-up kiss.


2. Howard and Bernadette’s Pregnancy

This is such a sweet moment in nearly all regards. The sticky notes on kitchen items that say “We Are Pregnant” is clever and cute in itself, but the defining moment is Howard’s expression when he finds out. He’s been wanting a child for such a long time, and the fact that he’s finally going to be a father and start a family with the love of his life means the world to him. There’s so much raw happiness, love, and awe in his face right then that it shows the world yet again why Howard and Bernadette’s relationship is so pure (until things take a humorous twist and Howard starts to realize the actual responsibility having a child will bring).


1. Sheldon and Amy’s “First Time”

Quite possibly the biggest moment of the entire series so far, Sheldon finally “giving it” to Amy was a long time in the making. Aside from the act itself, which should not be underestimated, it is a huge milestone for Sheldon’s maturity in his love for Amy. He wants to show her how much he loves her and how important she is to him (particularly over one of the other most important things in his life, the new Star Wars movie premiere, which is on the same night as her birthday). And in the spirit of the truly unique path their relationship has taken, when they do actually get under the covers, Sheldon reassures Amy that they “can find out together” what it’s like. It was the moment we (and Amy) have been waiting for over the past several seasons, and its perfect delivery exceeded all expectations.

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