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Last season on Arrow, the show teased us constantly with flash-forward glimpses of a grave. The occupant remained a mystery until late in the season when we learned that it contained the body of Laurel Lance, who was killed by Damien Darhk. And while actress Katie Cassidy may be returning to The CW’s DC shows this season, she won’t be playing the same version of the character. So, let’s take a look at the top Laurel Lance moments on Arrow.

Laurel Proves She’s Fearless

Laurel Lance in Arrow holds a shotgun

After Mr. Blank invaded her home, Laurel didn’t hesitate. She ran and grabbed a shotgun, using it to defend herself. Though she ran out of ammunition quickly, this was a great example of showing how fearless Laurel could be.

This City Needs The Arrow

This City needs the Arrow

Oliver had given up, he was ready to hand himself over to Slade Wilson and sacrifice himself. Laurel couldn’t allow her long time friend do that. She reminded Oliver that Thea just lost her mother, so she couldn’t lose her brother as well.  Laurel reminded Oliver that she has known him long enough that she knew he wasn’t one to give up but one that always finds a way.

Laurel Becomes the Black Canary

Laurel becomes the Black Canary

Months after the death of her sister, Laurel finally believed it was time to pick up the mantle. She put on the Black Canary costume for the first time.  Laurel then approached and attacked two thugs. When they asked who she was, Laurel told them that she was justice they couldn’t run from.  Katie Cassidy, the actress who portrays Laurel, went through months of rigorous training in preparation for her character’s transition.

Laurel Persuades Nyssa to Disband the League of Assassins

Laurel convinces Nyssa

After Thea’s wound from the hands of Ra’s al Ghul returned, her life was on the line. Nyssa approached the team with a cure, promising it to them if they killed Malcolm Merlyn. Laurel reminded Nyssa that she isn’t one to use a life as a bargaining tool and that’s who her father was. Laurel’s words inspired Nyssa to disband the League of Assassins, freeing all those held captive by her father.

Laurel Hallucinates Her Sister


After receiving a dose of Vertigo from Werner Zytle, Laurel met her greatest fear, her sister. The real reason she hallucinated her was due to the guilt of keeping her sister’s death from her father. Laurel faced her fear and took on Zytle while under the influence of Vertigo. She eventually conquered her fears and was able to defeat Zytle.

Laurel Admits Her Feelings for Oliver

Laurel admits her feelings

Oliver may not have been the best boyfriend to Laurel, constantly cheating on her, even getting another girl pregnant. Despite their past and all Oliver has done to hurt her, Laurel confessed her feelings before she passed. Laurel told Oliver that she may not be the love of his life but he is the love of hers. Not one to be selfish, Laurel told Oliver she hopes he can one day reconcile and get back together with Felicity.

Why Would They Know You by Such a Beautiful Name?

It means the Canary

Sara felt conflicted about who she was.  She felt as if she was irredeemable after joining the League of Assassins and everything she did. Laurel wasn’t going to let her sister feel that way. Laurel reminded her sister that if she was as irredeemable as she believed to be, the League wouldn’t recognize her with a name as beautiful as The Canary.

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